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Good Morning,So I know you have worked on this paper in the past, so the professor put in Red Lettering what is missing in my paper. Please incorporate it in the study. This is a paper you have worked on in the past.* I have attached the paper.Thank you.

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Psychiatric readmissions and organizational change Research Article Paper
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Nursing Research Article Critique
Nursing Research Article Critique
Despite the existence of numerous studies on psychiatric readmissions; a knowledge gap
concerning the association of health and social systems as well as environmental characteristics
on readmissions rates of inpatients discharged from psychiatric diagnosis care is scare. In the
article “Psychiatric readmissions and their association with environmental and health system
characteristics: a systematic review of the literature” Kalseth, et al. (2016) sought to determine
whether health system and environmental factors influence the rate of readmissions. While the
study provides valuable findings concerning the association between psychiatric readmissions
and health system and environmental factors, the results have some deficiencies related to
sample size, replicability, and generalizability of the results.
You write well and I am impressed with your eagerness to complete this assignment
Critiquing a systematic review is different from critiquing a single study. In a systematic review,
the author is examining the findings of studies, so a sample of 35 studies is adequate. I would
encourage you to find a quantitative study (other than a systematic review with a meta-analysis)
to critique. It would be much easier to follow the grading criteria. Your critique is due April 16,
so for now, I would encourage you to work on your scientific poster.
Kalseth et al. (2016) used a sample of 35 to examine the influence of health systems and
environmental characteristics on cases of readmissions of discharged psychiatric patients. In line
with the objective of the study which focused on establishing the relationship between the health
system and environmental characteristics and rate of readmission, the researchers categorized the
various variables from the 35 studies into three principal categories. Majority of the studies
reviewed, 24 out of 35 focused on capacity, organization, and structure of the health care
providers. Eight of the studies focused on environmental characteristics and these included
geographical, demographic and socio-economic factors. Lastly, only three of the 35 articles
reviewed tacked the issue of regulation, financing and governance structures. The studies used
different type and level of analysis. While eight articles used intervention study, five were
considered as original studies, six as aggregated studies and the remaining 16 observational.
Interpretation of findings of the 35 studies reveal conflicting but essential information
concerning the relationship between psychiatric readmissions and the different predictor
variables covered. In general, the study concluded the importance of the health system and other
contextual factors related to the organization on readmission rates. The researchers advised that it
is essential to understand the association between a health system and environmental factors and
cases of psychiatric readmissions in coming up with policy developments, planning, and
organization of mental health treatment.
The high number of readmissions rates of patients with mental conditions has been a
concern for a while. To provide comprehensive information on the association between
readmission rates and health system as well as environmental characteristics, Kalseth et al.
(2016) embarked on a systematic review of existing knowledge with the objective of filling the
knowledge gap. While the study came established the various factors that influence cases of
readmissions among patients diagnosed psychiatric conditions and recommends the need to pay
attention to them, there are some issues concerning the generalizability and consistency of the
findings. The key concern about the study is the specific instrument used in the qualitative
synthesis of the data the researchers were able to extract from the final 35 articles that met the
requirements set for inclusion and eligibility. Concerning the three categories of environmental
and system characteristics, it is not clear why the researchers decided to come up with three
groups instead of two. Concerning results, type and level of analysis, the researchers made a
good effort of identifying the most comprehensive articles to include in the study. Despite this,
there is a sense of confusion about analysis and discussion of the results from the study. The
researchers in the study followed no clear and objective trend. In addition to this, the researchers
did not attempt to summarize their findings in a form that is easy to follow concerning the
specific factors that were prominent in the analysis. For instance, there is a lack of clarity
concerning findings on environmental factors and how they influence readmissions rates. While
two studies found lower readmission rates in urban regions, the researchers fail to explain what
the other six studies were able to establish.
The article focused on establishing the relationship between psychiatric readmission rates
and health systems as well as environmental factors. One of the key findings that should inform
the provision of mental health services is the need to give patients adequate time for treatment. In
addition to this, follow-up activities and need to for more providers per population arose. Though
findings from Kalseth et al. (2016) systematic literature review on the relationship between
readmission and health and environmental characteristics are conflicting, their research provides
detailed information on the possible factors that influence readmission rates. For more
conclusive research, there is a need for future research to focus on each of the elements
separately and use concrete data obtained from various facilities providing psychiatric care.
Kalseth, J., Lassemo, E., Wahlbeck, K., Haaramo, P., & Magnussen, J. (2016). Psychiatric
readmissions and their association with environmental and health system characteristics:
a systematic review of the literature. BMC Psychiatry, 16(1), 376.

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