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Project 3
Install the masm32 assembler (and supporting files) from here:
masm32 will automatically install to c:masm32. In that folder, you will find qeditor, the
editor and development environment you will use. Start qeditor and open the hello.asm file
under c:masm32tutorialconsoledemo1.
Examine the code as best as you can and locate the string “Hey, this actually works.” Try
increasing the size of the string by padding it with random letters, then running “Console
Assemble & Link” under the “Project Menu”.
Estimate the size of the string, then try several more times. Write down your results and
submit them here
The size of the string
hello.asm – 1777
hello.exe – 2560
hello.obj – 669
Total – 5006 bytes
The size of the string when added “United States”
hello.asm – 1791
hello.exe – 2560
hello.obj – 685
Total – 5036
The string size when added “United States, United Kingdom”
hello.asm – 1807
hello.exe – 2560
hello.obj – 701
Total – 5068

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