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Final Paper on a topic of research that interests you, a theme that runs throughout your presentation, and the paintings that you will use to illustrate your theme.Pick 6 of the given paintings and themes (attached) and write a research paper of 3,000 words with the results of your research and a bibliographical list of minimum six scholarly sources used to support your presentation. (Times New Roman font, size 12, double line spacing)In one of the pages attached there are multiple steps, however I would only like help with the writting portion and not the slide powerpoint or any other steps


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Final project themes
1. Artists’ dreams:
Henri Rousseau, The Dream, 1910
Joan Miró, Ceci est la couleur de mes rêves (This is the colour f my dreams), 1925 René Magritte, The Key
of dreams, 1930
Salvador Dali ́, The Dream, 1931
Pablo Picasso, The Dream, 1932
Jackson Pollock, Portrait and a Dream, 1954
2. Women Self-portraits:
Sofonisba Anguissola, Bernardino Campi painting Sofonisba Aguissola, late 1550s Lavinia Fontana, Selfportrait at the Espinet, 1577
Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat, 1782
Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, Self-portrait with two pupils, 1785
Laura Knight, Self-portrait, 1913
Romaine Brooks, Self-portrait, 1923
Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait along the borderline between Mexico and the US, 1932 Leonora Carrington,
Self-portrait with Horse, 1936
Alice Neel, Self-portrait, 1980
3. Degenerate Art:
Emil Nolde, Crucifixion, 1912
Max Beckmann, The Night, 1918-1919 Picasso, Ma Jolie, 1911-1912
Salvador Dali ́, The Enigma of Hitler, 1939
George Grosz, The Eclipse of the Sun, 1926; or The Pillars of Society, 1926 Kandinsky, Composition VII,
4. Art and Mental illness:
Richard Dadd, The Fairy Feller’s Mistake, 1855-64
Louis Wain, Kaleidoscope Cats 4: Paisley Pattern Cat, late 1800s or early 1900s William Kurelek, The
Maze, 1953
Schizofrenia + Outsider art and art Brut:
Adolf Wölfli, Irren-Anstalt Band Hain, 1910 or General view of the island Neveranger, 1911
Marti ́n Ramirez, Untitled (Courtyard), 1954
Georgia O’Keeffe, Ram’s Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills, 1935
Jackson Pollock, Search, 1955 or Number 1, 1949
Mark Rothko, Black in deep red, 1957
Francis Bacon, Triptych in memory of George Dyer, 1973
5. Controversial Paintings:
Thomas Eakins, The Gross Clinic, 1876
John Singer Sangent, Madame X, 1884
Pablo Picasso, Still-life with Chair Canning, 1912
Otto Dix, Trench Warfare, 1926
Salvador Dali ́, The Enigma of William Tell, 1933
Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954-1955
Chris Ofili, The Holy Virgin, 1996
Damien Hirst, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), Series of Spot Paintings, 2000 Lucian Freud, Portrait of
Queen Elizabeth II, 2000-2001
6. Death:
Hans Baldung Grien, Death and the Maiden, 1510
Pieter Bruegel The Elder, The Triumph of Death, 1562
Jacques-Louis David, Death of Socrates, 1787
John Everett Millais, Ophelia, 1852
Böcklin, Self-portrait with death playing the fiddle, 1872
Gustav Klimt, Death and Life, 1908
7. Artist’s self-portraits facing death:
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Riding with Death, 1988 Keith Haring, Unfinished Panting, 1990
Pablo Picasso, Last Self-Portrait, 1972
8. Female nudes:
9. Depictions of Soldiers
Eric Kennington, The Kensingtons at Laventie, 1915 Fernand Léger, Soldiers Playing at Cards, 1917
C.R.W. Nevinson, La Mitrailleuse, 1915
Gino Severini, Cannon in Action, 1915
John Singer Sargent, Gassed, 1918-19
Henry Tonks, Soldiers with facial wounds, 1916-18
Mark Gertler, Merry Go Round, 1916
C.R.W. Nevinson,Paths of Glory, 1917; or Gilbert Rogers,The Dead Stretcher Bearer, 1919
10. Promiscuity
Jean-Honoré Fragonard, The Swing, 1767
Vasily Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky, Roman Orgy, 1863 Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance at the Moulin de la
Galette, 1876 Henri Gervex, Rolla, 1878
Egon Schiele, Female Lovers, 1915
Pablo Picasso, Figures by the Sea, 1932
Rubens, Three Graces, 1639
William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Nymphs and Satyr, 1873
Henri Gervex, Rolla, 1878
Balthus, Nude with a cat, 1949
Otto Dix, Self-portrait with nude model, 1923
Paula Modersohn-Becker, Self-portrait on Her sixth wedding anniversary, 1906 Frida Kahlo, The Broken
Column, 1944
11. Alcohol & Drugs
Titian, Bacchus and Ariadne, c. 1520-23; or Caravaggio, Young Sick Bacchus, c.1593
Edgar Degas, The Absinthe Drinker, 1876
Viktor Oliva, Absinthe Drinker, 1901
Santiago Rusiñol, Before the Morphine and Morphine, (c.1890) Picasso, Boy with a Pipe, 1905
12. Abductions and rapes in mythological paintings
Rembrandt, The Abduction of Proserpina, c.1631 Rubens, The Rape of Proserpina, 1636-338 Simone
Pignoni, The Rape of Persephone, 1650
Correggio, Leda and the Swan, c.1532
Rubens, Leda and the Swan, 1600
Boucher, Leda and the Swan, 1742 (or the one from 1740 – very explicit!)
Noel Nicolas Coypel, The Rape of Europa, 1727 Boucher, The Rape of Europe, 1747
Titian, Danaë receiving the Golden Rain, 1560-65 Gustav Klimt, Danaë, 1907
13. Degenerate Art & Nazi Art
Degenerate art:
Emil Nolde, Crucifixion, 1912
Max Beckmann, The Night, 1918-1919
Otto Dix, Metropolis, 1927-1928
Oskar Kokoschka, Standing female nude (Alma Mahler), 1918 Picasso, Ma Jolie, 1911-1912
Salvador Dali ́, The Enigma of Hitler, 1939
Nazi art:
Heinrich Knirr, Portrait of Adolf Hitler, 1935 Adolf Ziegler, The Four Elements, 1936 Leopold Schmutzler,
Working Maidens, 1940 Adolf Wissel, Group of Farmers, 1935
14. Loneliness
Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above the sea of fog (1818) Francisco Goya, The Dog (1819-1823)
Pablo Picasso, The Old Guitarist (1904) or Blue Nude (1902) Giorgio de Chirico, The Anxious Journey
Edward Hopper, Automat (1927) or Morning Sun (1942) Dorothea Tanning, Birthday (1942)
Paul Delvaux, Loneliness (1956)
Kay Sage, Le Passage (Self-portrait) (1956)
George Tooker, Subway (1950) or Government Bureau (1956)
Pieter Bruegel The Elder, The Land of Cockaigne, c.1567
15. Royal portraits
Titian, Equestrian portrait of Charles V, 1548
Ingres, Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul, 1804
Ingres, Queen Caroline Murat, 1814
Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun, Marie Antoinette in a Muslin Dress, 1783
Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun, Archduchess Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, 1778 Angelica Kauffmann,
Ferdinand IV King of Naples and His Family, 1783
Goya, Charles IV of Spain and His Family, 1801
Richard Stone, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. Richard Stone, 2002.
Lucien Freud, Queen Elizabeth II, 2000-2001
16. Religious modern paintings
Max Ernst, Fireside Angel, 1937
Dali ́, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1946
Chagall, Adam and Eve expelled from paradise, 1961
17. Hell, punishment & death
Michelangelo, The Last Judgment, 1536-1541
Jan Bruegel The Elder, Christ in Limbo, 1593
Rubens, Fall of the damned, c.1620
Jacob Isaacsz van Swanenburgh, Sybil and Aeneas in the Underworld, ca 1600 Bouguereau, Dante and
Virgil in Hell, 1850
Beckmann, Bird’s Hell, 1938
Édouard Manet, The Monet Family I their garden at Argenteuil, 1874
Paolo Veronese, Mars and Venus United by Love, 1570s François Gerard, Psyche and Cupid, 1798
Jean-Honore Fragonard, Happy Lovers, 1860-65
René Magritte, Lovers, 1928
Peter Paul Rubens, The Artist and His First Wife, Isabella, Brant, in the Honeysuckle Bower, 1609-10
Marc Chagall, The Promenade, 1917

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