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Using the idea you have chosen for your project, describe how you will evaluate the success of the new product or service and its branding. Suggest process(es) outlined in the text and explain what feedback loops will occur.


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Reviewing Introduction Dyllags Company Discussion
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Project Milestone One: All-in-one Laptop and Printer
Project Milestone One: All-in-one Laptop and Printer
Dellags Company is a firm within the information technology industry known for the
provision of personal computing services, other access devices, printing and imaging products as
well as the related technologies, services, and solutions. The company operates through the
personal systems segment, printing, and corporate investment sectors. The company has been
known in the industry due to its capabilities and competencies in the design and manufacture of
printers and computers (Vincent, 2008). The expansion strategies and profitability of the
company are based on its ability to produce unique products that adequately meet the changing
needs of consumers in the information technology industry. Dellags invests in innovation and
creativity through an allocation of sufficient research and development budget to allow for a
thorough analysis of the market to evaluate consumer needs and the consequent development of
products that adequately meet those needs. The project covers the need for and stages for the
introduction of an all-in-one laptop and printer equipment that ensures ease in preparation and
printing of documents even on the move and in cases where access to independent printers is not
Executive Summary
Dellags is best known for the production of high-quality printing and personal computing
services. The company’s ability to research and move with the advancement in technology has
been a significant factor for its profitability and market share in the highly competitive industry
(Aydalot & Keeble, 2018). The company seeks to create a first-of-its-kind device that combines
the functions of a computer and printer for ease in portability and convenience for the ultimate
Globalization and advancement in technology have been two critical components leading
to the establishment of global operations as well as the need for individuals to travel from place
to place in the provision of goods and services across global boundaries (Link, 2013). It has been
established that sometimes business people urgently require printing services during business
travels. Traditionally, printing during trips has been done in established stores and among service
providers in various locations globally. With the advancement in technology and the capability
and expertise of Dellags in the technology industry, it is critical that the firm established a
functional printer and computer associated with ease in portability, appearing in the form of a
laptop and allowing for multifunctional capabilities such as printing, scanning, and computing
(Chareonwongsak, 2002). The device will be designed in such a manner that the screen of the
computer could work as a scanning device. Additionally, the thermal printing technology will be
applied to allow for the production of printed images without application of ink.
Branding and Idea Context
Dellags is a popular company in the production of personal and commercial computers as
well as software for running these devices. The company has been known for the production of
notebooks, desktops, consumer services, and detachable. The design and manufacture of both
personal and commercial computers as well as its capability, competency and the availability of
resources in the area informs the company’s current move being the leader in the design and
manufacture of an all-in-one computer fitted with printing and scanning functionalities (Malone,
2007). Additionally, the company has been well known for the use of the latest technologies in
the design, manufacture, and distribution of its printers in the market. The company’s printing
segment has focused on the use of the latest technologies associated with the provision of
imaging solutions for commercial markets. The company has always concentrated in the design
and development of A3 products and solutions for the multifunction printer market and the
copier, printer security solutions as well as multifunctional intelligent products in the printing
Alignment of Product to Corporate Mission
It is worth noting that Dellags has been a critical player in both the printing and computer
accessories services. The firm’ expertise in the two sectors of the industry is critical in informing
the design, manufacture, and distribution of the current product in the market. The new product
seeks to align with the company’s vision statement that emphasizes the firm’s commitment of
viewing the market as an opportunity for growth as well as the use of the firm’s profits in the
development and production of innovative products, solutions, and services to satisfy the
emerging consumer needs.
Change in technology as well as the globalization of businesses has allowed for an
increase in business travels and consequently created the need for computing, printing and
scanning services anywhere at any time. The new product to be established by the company
requires extensive research and innovation to ensure the company’s adherence to its mission
statement of the provision of solutions, products, and services of the highest quality and thus
delivering more value to consumers order to earn the customer respect and loyalty.
Defining features of the all-in-one laptop and printer
The all-in-one computer and printer fits into the company’s commitment to the provision
of products, services, and solutions across the information technology fields and in meeting the
emerging needs of consumers. The changing technology has been one of the significant factors
affecting operation in the industry, and the firm has been committed to research, development,
and innovation in the identification of consumer needs as well as the design and manufacture of
products that adequately meet those needs. Dellags has earned a brand reputation in the design,
manufacture, and distribution of printers and computers. The new product takes into account the
two favorite segments of the company in the design and production of a unique device that
considers the specifications of the two subsectors.
Product Promotion
The unique brand will be advertised within and outside the company following various
promotional methods. The combination of the multiple functionalities of the device is a critical
selling point for the product since consumers can now scan, and print documents while doing
various computing tasks that could otherwise be impossible where the printing and computing
functionalities are not combined. The availability of the firm’s stores in multiple locations
globally would aid in the promotion and advertising to create awareness of the new product
across the target market. Within the stores, the sales staff will be responsible for providing
information about the product to interested consumers as well as the specifications and a
demonstration on the use of the product.
Additionally, the company will put various adverts in newspapers and information
technology magazines to create awareness and boost the sales of the products globally. The
existing company branding of its products in the market is critical for acceptance and purchase of
the new device in the market. Dellags’s products have been well known regarding its quality and
effectiveness in meeting consumer needs and demands in the market. As such, the new product is
designed to meet the merits of the established brand and further promote the firm’s capabilities
Need for the Multi-function All-in-one Laptop and Printer
Target Market
The multi-function All-in-one laptop and printer are targeted at the business class
individuals who carry out their businesses across global markets with the need to remain updated
and well informed of the operations in the company. These individuals are often in the move and
are always in need of updating various business records. While they have faced multiple
inconveniences in the past, having to postpone such operations until they can access printers and
scanners in offices, the all-in-one laptop and printer device is designed to meet their computing,
printing and scanning needs even during their travels.
Behavioral and Lifestyle Demographics of the Target Consumer
The current generation of business people is composed of middle-aged individuals with a
passion for business with most of them working remotely or across various geographic regions.
These individuals seek convenience and orderliness in their operations hence the need for the
device that adequately meets those needs (Kandampully, 2002). The purchasing power of
individuals in the target market is designed for the acquisition of machines, tools, and services
that makes their lives easier. This category of individuals is willing to spend on devices and
products that meet their needs and thus ensure efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.
Other features of the target market that could affect the purchase and use of the All-inone laptop and printer include the passion for advanced devices in information technology. The
market is continuously motivated towards the acquisition of products designed and manufactured
using the latest information technology designs and standards. The consumers are characterized
by the continuous need for purchase of the newest technology products, services, and solutions.
Market Need for the Product
The all-in-one laptop and printer meets the market needs of clients who deal in the
production of business documents while on the move. Advances in technology have increased
the number of individuals who carry out businesses at their convenience such as within their
homes, in shared spaces and even during travel. Such users may not have access to shared
printers and scanners as characterized by traditional office settings hence the All-in-one laptop
and printer has been designed in a manner to meet these needs. Even when consumers have
access to printers and scanners, there have been cases where documents have been required
urgently during business travels and meeting; hence the device is critical in meeting such needs.
Choice of the Target Market
The choice of the target market for the all-in-one laptop and printer is based on the needs
of this group of individuals, their purchasing power as well as their ability to carry out their
businesses while on their move. Additionally, they are chosen as a result of their passion for
technology equipment that adequately meet their various needs and promote convenience and
orderliness in their lives.
Fixed and Variable Costs
The pricing for the all-in-one laptop and printer depends on the variable and fixed costs
incurred in the design and manufacture of the device. Fixed costs refer to those expenses that
remain constant despite the level of production or the unit’s manufactured. Such costs include
rent, cost of equipment and machinery categorized in the property plant and equipment among
other expenses that have to be paid even if the level of production is at zero. Variable costs, on
the other hand, refers to the costs incurred in the creation of the all-in-one laptop and printer that
can be attributed directly to the manufacturing process ad which varies with the increase in the
number of units produced (Shepherd, 2015).
Dellags has been in the business of manufacturing computers as well as printers for
several decades. The company can initiate the production of the all-in-one laptop and printer
with an addition of a few types of equipment as well as an expansion or utilization of the
underutilized production plants owned by the company in various regions globally. In the short
run, the fixed and variable costs are likely to increase as the company stabilizes in the production
of the new device (Luck, McBurney, & Preist, 2003). Over time, these costs will stabilize as the
company achieves break-even point and starts recording profits from the sale of the device. The
estimated costs involved in the design and manufacture of an all-in-one laptop and printer are as
tabulated below:
Estimated Costs
Factory costs
Administrative cost
The company incurs a total of $1200 in the design and manufacture of one all-in-one
laptop and printer. Consequently, the firm’s pricing strategy is based on cost plus markup. The
company introduces a mark-up of 25% on cost hence the average price for the all-in-one laptop
and printer will be between $1500 and $2,000 depending on other factors such as location,
distribution channels, and specifications among other critical factors.
Competitor Pricing
The price of the all-in-one laptop and printer is the best and the most appropriate in the
market. The product will be one of its kinds in the market. It is, however, worth noting that the
two products sold differently could be more costly to the consumer than the new product
designed by Dellags. The average pricing for a laptop appropriate for the business class category
of individuals across various competitors such as Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP and
Microsoft among others range between $1,000 and $2,500 depending on the laptop specifications
and features. The prices of the printers on the other hand range between $50 and $350 depending
on the specs and the technology involved in the design and manufacture of the printers. The main
competitors in the information technology, printer segment include firms such as Epson,HP, and
Canon among others.
Given the average rates of the prices for the two products differently, the average costs of
printing, computing, and scanning for the computers and laptops with the lowest specifications
would be $1,050 and is dependent on the compatibility of the printer and the PC. The highest
cost for a laptop with excellent specs in combination with a printer with the latest printing
technology would be $2850.While in some cases the cost may be reduced, the all-in-one laptop
and printer from Dellags would be the most convenient for use by the business class due to its
capability for use in any place at any time. Additionally, the new product would make use of the
latest technology hence ensure effectiveness in printing, scanning and computer services. It is
worth noting that the consumer will get value for their money as they can produce documents
even during business travels at the click of a button.
The most Appropriate Price for the Target Market
An analysis of the target market shows a group of individuals willing to pay well for the
latest technology in the market. Given this feature, it is estimated that the target market will be
willing to pay $1750 for the all-in-one laptop and printer device given the application of the
latest technology as well as the convenience involved with the product. The consumers would be
willing to pay high prices for the invention as a result of the firm’s commitment and brand
reputation associated with efficiency and quality. Additionally, consumers would be willing to
pay premium prices for the all-in-one laptop and printer based on the firm’s commitment to
creativity and innovation in the information technology industry. As such, the consumers who
have used the company’s products are assured of the latest technology in the design and
manufacture of the device.
Pricing Strategy
The most appropriate pricing strategy for the all-in-one laptop and printer would be the
premium pricing approach. The product is the first among its kind in the market and ensures
efficiency and convenience in computing, scanning, and printing for the consumers.
Additionally, the product uses the latest market technology such as thermal printing as well as
the best software and hardware parts for the design and manufacture of the multifunctional
device. Premium pricing would be the most appropriate given that the target market for the
equipment is the business category of individuals with a passion for innovation and creativity in
the information technology sector (Yeoman & McMahon-Beattie, 2006). These individuals
would be willing to pay more for the use of the latest technology in the design and manufacture
of the multifunctional all-in-one laptop and printer.
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Project Milestone Two: All-in-one Laptop and Printer
Project Milestone Two
Dyllags Company is among the leading providers of technologies, products, software,
and services to consumers including individuals, businesses, and large enterprises and
government. The company is committed to the provision of the latest technology printers and
personal computers. Currently, the firm is in the process of launching an all-in-one laptop and
printer designed to meet the needs of business class individuals who may need to print business
documents while on the move. The move is crucial in increasing the current product portfolio of
the firm and building on its existing brand as the leading producer of personal computers and
printers to meet the changing consumer needs in the market.
It is critical to analyze the current position of the company to determine its capabilities,
strengths, and opportunities in the release of the new product. Additionally, the knowledge of the
threats and weaknesses are critical for the company to establish mitigation measures against the
occurrence of such events.
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis is a strategic tool used in the evaluation of the internal and external
operating environment of a firm. The analysis is critical for the assessment of the strengths and
weaknesses faced by Dyllags Company in its day to day operations. The two components are
factors to the internal operating environment of the firm and are measures that can be controlled
by the company for an overall improvement in performance and efficiency in operations. The
threats and opportunities, on the other hand, are factors within the external operating
environment of the company. These factors present opportunities for business expansion and
efficiency in …
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