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1. Please discuss both your short-term and long-term professional goals. 2. Please describe what challenges you may face as well as how your previous experiences will help contribute to your future success. Your answer should highlight why you have decided to pursue a graduate degree at this point in your career and how you feel a Northeastern degree will help you achieve success. 3. 800 words maximum This is a draft, might include many mistakes and broken sentences. Also, I attach my resume below if you need. I wish you can revise the admission essay and make it professional and competitive. Thanks a lot!


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Rongrui (Roxy) Yang
315 South Peoria Street, Chicago, Illinois,60607
773-680-2858 | [email protected]
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
December 2018
Bachelor of Science in Finance, overall GPA: 3.12
• Finance 340 International Financial Market Project
Figure out one-month Swap rates for seven currencies using Bloomberg.
I did the data tracking and exchange rate evaluation part. I get full credit.
• Management 495 Competitive Strategy Capsim Case
Collaboration to complete a simulated stock market case. I made productivity prediction, return analysis, and
data calculation.
• Finance 310 Investment Project:
Teamwork and Pick ten stocks form an optimal portfolio using Excel with current market data.
I did data analysis and evaluation parts, and our group get the highest point in the class.
• Information Decision Science 200:
Finished two research paper, supply-chain diagram, an entity-relationship model. Application
of information technology for solving business problems and supporting organizational functions.
Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China
September 2014-June2016
• International Business School
Core courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Operations Management, Finance.
Internship Experience
Industrial Securities Co Ltd. (Shanghai, China)Analyst intern
May 2017- August 2017
• Research analyst a securities deep research report about Huatai Securities Co Ltd.
• Collected and edited a financial vocabulary booklet for new interns.
• Welcome securities representative for Industrial Securities Strategic Meeting;
ensured guests knew where to go and distributed materials for participants;
observed meeting. (regarding macroeconomic situation and the capital market structure).
ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), Loan department.
August 2014-September 2014
• Assist loan officer in creating client contract.
Communicated with clients and check their financial material for the application.
Tube Station (Beijing’ pizza restaurant).
November 2014-December 2014
• Assist manager to order ingredients with suppliers.
• Responsible for telephone booking with foreign customers.
Activities & Honors

Volunteer: 2019 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle preparation.
March 15 2019
Deputy Minister of CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association)
September 2016-Janaury 2018
Volunteer: Junior Achievement to teach students fundamental business concepts.
February 2017
Bank of America Chicago Marathon to provide service to runners.
October 2016
First prize of the cheerleading competition in Beijing Foreign Studies University. April 2015-May2016
Member of Simulation of the UN General Assembly in Kunming Foreign Language School
and participated in debates about the field of economy.
March 2012

Fluent in English and Chinese.
Proficient in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and knowledgeable in HTML5, C++.
Favorite things: playing Piano, Creative Painting, Cheerleading, Roller skating.
International English Language Testing System:6 point.
Admission Statement of Purpose
Admission Statement of Purpose
As a finance graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago, my career aspiration is to
become a financial analyst a multinational company, which would provide me the opportunity to
harness my passion for evaluating data and problem-solving. It is a goal that I consider as the
foundation for building a successful career in the worldwide business. Also, the need to attain
these critical professional objectives influenced my decision to seek admission into MS
Internation Business program because of the potential to expand my knowledge of portfolio
management through the application of financial modeling tools and mathematical methods.
Based on my undergraduate study, I get the knowledge regarding finance and general business
management; MS International Business is the best choice for me to enhance my technical ability
and strategic skills in global circumstance. For my short-term goal, I am planning to find an
internship in a multinational corporation or the securities company. It is significant for an
international student to practice networking skill and understand the multicultural business. An
additional role that this advanced business degree can play in the attainment of my career goal is
the development of the competencies for exploring business strategies, as well as the analyzing
business potential in the international market. Therefore, this graduate program in International
Business is the platform that would propel me to the next frontiers in my chosen career field.
Meanwhile, my undergraduate program in finance afforded me the chance to build a strong
foundational knowledge in the international financial market, investment project, and
Information decision science. Also, the courses and projects enabled me to acquire both
theoretical and practical experiences on the processes for determining Swap rates and data
tracking for foreign exchange, simulation of stock markets, and utilization of information
technology for predicting and solving business problems. Regarding the use of the investment
project and information decision science training, I worked as part of a group to analyze and
evaluate the data for picking optimal portfolio and completed research studies on supply-chain
and the use of an entity-relationship model.
My experience as an intern analyst with Industrial Securities Company includes collation of
financial transactions and interactions with the professionals from different industries in
Shanghai China. Also, my experience as a loan officer with the Industrial and Commercial Bank
of China (ICBC) afforded me the chance to create a contractual agreement for prospective clients
and evaluate their applications for completion. As the deputy minister of the Chinese Students
and Scholarship Association (CSSA), I had the chance to identify and understand some of the
issues that international students face in the United States and contribute to the creation of the
strategies for overcoming them. Finally, I would like to add that I have volunteered for both the
Junior Achievement program and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2017 and 2016
respectively. In a nutshell, MS International Business program is the ideal for aligning my years
of training and experience with the processes and elements for accomplishing personal and
professional goals.

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