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View the instructor comments and revise two discussionsFor 5.2 you will only number 2 and number 9For 5.3 you will only revise number. 13


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Surname: 1
Student’s Name
Barn Burning
The protagonist in “Barn Burning” is Sartoris Snopes.
Sartoris hopes for peace and joy, something he feels when he sees the house of Spain
He symbolizes goodness and morality rather than loyalty to corruption.
His father, the antagonist, proposes that Sartoris remain loyal to family, which he has made
corrupt and immoral (Faulkner).
One biblical illusion in the story comes from the book of Mathew 2:14, where Joseph took
his family (wife and child) from Bethlehem to Egypt. Just as they journeyed beyond their
country’s border, the Snopes’ family is banished from their country and journeys outside its
The author wants the audience to admire the protagonist by demonstrating the difficulties he
has to go through because of his father’s behavior.
Through the Sortaris, the author demonstrates a positive attitude towards the teachings of the
Bible, as evident through Sartoris’ wisdom and obedience. “he aims for me to lie, again with that
frantic grief of despair. And I will have to do it” (Faulkner). Sartoris is wise enough to know his
father’s thought’s and is obedient because there is nothing else he can do at his age.
Surname: 2
Lennie Snopes is a remarkable character who has a positive relationship with her son,
Sartoris. Despite being subjected to endless oppression by her husband, she manages to influence
her son to be morally upright (Faulkner).
Sartoris hopes for peace and joy. The bible supports this in Ecclesiastes 2:26, where it says
that God gives people who please his knowledge, wisdom, and happiness. Sartoris knows that
God must be in such his life for him to be happy, so he seeks to be moral.
10. No, Harris does not receive justice because the case is dismissed, hence, Snopes is not held
responsible (Faulkner).
De Spain receives justice as Abner is forced to pay for his carpet
12. Yes. He is forced to pay for the soiled carpet that he destroyed.
Sarty does not receive justice because he is forced to what he does not intend to/what is
wrong and loses his family’s support for failing to do so (Faulkner).
Justice according to Faulkner, is not always achieved as it depends on the evidence
presented and a person’s strength. Sarty is weak, hence cannot receive justice. His father escapes
justice due to lack of evidence.
Faulkner places the court in the store to demonstrate that justice is not real, just as the court
is not real. As such, most characters find it impossible to find justice.
The kind of piece Sarty hopes for is one with joy and happiness, however, he ends up
losing his family. Also, he finds freedom to do what he wants, which is peace (Faulkner).
The kind of peace Abner is looking for is power and sadist. He, however, ends up feeling
more inferior and unhappy
Lennie Snopes is in search for her family’s uprightness which she achieves through Sarty,
despite having to live under her husband’s oppression (Faulkner).
Surname: 3
According to Faulkner, piece does not always mean living in a calm environment and
enjoying material things but fulfilling your desires, irrespective of the conditions.
In Willian Faulkner’s story “Barn Burning,” he uses symbolism and long complex
sentences to demonstrate how unpredictable and complex life can be, especially Sarty’s life.
The first sentence in the story “The store in which the justice of the Peace’s court was
sitting smelled of cheese” (Faulkner) is a symbol of the unpredictability of the wrong context,
while the second line in the story is 166 words, demonstrating complexity.
Surname: 4
Works Cited
Faulkner, William. “Barn Burning .” (1897-1962).
Harlem Renaissance
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Question 1
Johnson attributes God’s loneliness to him creating the world.
Question 2
Johnson further states in the second stanza that darkness covered the whole world
(Johnson, 2019). Therefore, this deep darkness caused the feeling of loneliness
Question 3
In Genesis, the story of creation tells of God commanding there to be different things and
them appearing. However, in Johnson’s story God is more artistic in bringing forth different
things. This I believe is due to Johnson’s creativity as an artist.
Question 4
Johnson’s creation story is very creative. It is magical and gives God a majestic appeal.
God’s glory and mystic felt in how he brings forth different things. Example, he claps his hands
and the thunder rolls (Johnson, 2019). Moreover, he spits out the seven seas.
Question 5
Maya Angelou is referring to all who have hurt her, including her rapist. Furthermore,
she addresses those in society that discriminate her kind. She mentions her ancestors as well as
slavery. Therefore, the poem is her accepting herself and loving herself as she is despite it all.
Question 6
Maya describes her walking as if she has diamonds between her thighs (And still I rise,
2019).. This signifies her walking with pride and grace.
Question 7
She uses Allegory by using metaphors to address the injustice of prejudice and racism. In
the first stanza she mentions being ‘trod in the dirt’ (And still I rise, 2019). to signify racism.
Question 8
The tone of this poem is that of confidence. Rise, despite all of it she rises. Furthermore,
she mentions Sass to show confidence. Another word is sexiness. She shows a confidence in
acknowledging her sexiness.
Question 9
Maya Angelou- I rise
Despite all struggles, trials and tribulations the strong choose to rise and live their life to the
Question 10
‘You may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies’ (And still I rise, 2019)
‘Just like hope spring in eyes, still I rise’ (And still I rise, 2019). These quotes signify that
besides what is thrown at Maya, she rises beyond it. Therefore, she picks herself up, dusts herself
and keeps living her life.
Question 11
The bible encourages us to keep going despite all odds. In Ephesians 6: 10-11 finally, be
strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take
your stand against the devil’s schemes. We are encouraged to keep going knowing that our
confidence in the Lord. Furthermore, Maya Angelou’s poem encourages us to rise no matter
what life throws at us.
And Still I Rise. (2019). Retrieved from
Johnson, J. (2019). The Creation. Retrieved from

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