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I like your opening paragraph with its set up to a discussion of Pope’s use of supernatural machinery. But that discussion seems postponed by paragraphs 2 and 3. In paragraph 4, you return to your opening idea, though I have some difficulty following your ideas as your essay develops.


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Rape of the Lock
Short Argument Essay 1
Literary Analysis Essay 1
Rape of the Lock
The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope is considered a mock epic, to me, this means
that it has conventions of an epic poem. There are many of these conventions that Pope employs.
One such convention that I wanted to discuss is supernatural machinery. Supernatural machinery
plays an important part, the attempt to save Belinda’s honor (Ariel and the Sylphs), the attempt
to cure Belinda’s misery (Umbriel the gnome), and the inferior to Belinda (nymphs which is
employed to speak of the other women).
You have a great intro paragraph here. Can you add one
more thought – perhaps – about how the supernatural
machinery helps to give this poem its satirical character?
The use of satire in poetry and other forms of art helps in creating insight among the
audience. Although both Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope used this tool one can note some
actual differences that distinguish work by the two artists. The Rape of the lock and A Modest
Proposal show some similarities in the fact that the respective artists use satire. However, a
thorough analysis shows their differences in mood, intention and used style. Alexander Pope
uses irony in the poem The Rape of the Lock as a tool for creating a melancholy attitude in the
poem that would help in expressing his opinion towards hair cutting. The author criticizes the
community for promoting crisis for the stolen lock. Further analysis of this poem one can get the
meaning of the word rape that the author uses in this poem to represent the immorality among
members of this society
Notice how this second paragraph, and the third one too, are shifting your topic away
from the supernatural machinery idea. You want the body of your essay to remain
focused on your key point about Pope’s use of supernatural machinery.
Alexander Pope uses light-hearted style to express satire in his work. The above-stated
approach is evident from the way Pope encourages the audience to participate in the ridiculed
subject. Through the provision of a valid explanation towards the item in question, Pope enables
the reader to gain more insight towards the topic and to fully support it after learning the
Rape of the Lock
Short Argument Essay 1
meaning of the content that the author aimed at passing to the readers. The author further
explains the purpose of the stated topic and how it would affect the society if they supported it as
well as consequences of failing to support the proposed approach. Pope proposed a fairly chiding
approach in a morally upright way
In Canto 1, Belinda is sleeping when a sylph(Ariel) enters her room and warns her that
some great injustice will fall upon her today. Though warned, she wakes up thinking what a
peculiar dream. After she applied her make-up, she began her journey on a boat to Hampton
Court Palace. Ariel, cautious, summons 50 sylphs to help him protect Belinda. In this scene, it
seems to employ yet another convention of warriors. Ariel threatens “whatever spirit, careless of
his charge, // his post neglects, or leaves the fair at large, // shall feel sharp vengeance soon
o’ertake his sins.” So, the double convention of warriors and supernatural machinery illustrate
the imagery of warriors going to battle for the sake of a fair maiden. The reason for the sylph’s
protection is unclear in the poem, but it seems Ariel wants to protect Belinda because she is pure
and innocent. Until he finds out that she has “dark” thoughts of being with a man, he no longer
can protect her. Though the sylphs try in vain to prevent Belinda’s lock from being snipped, it’s
too late, because she is already tainted.
Your analysis and interpretation of the poem here in paragraph 4 is very g
good. Does Pope’s use of this second epic convention – the preparation of
warriors for battle – somehow enhance the satiric tone of his poem?
Umbriel the gnome, yet another supernatural machinery, attempts to help Belinda recover
from her lost lock. He goes to the underworld and returns with a bag of “sighs, sobs, and
passions” and a vial of sorrow, grief, and tears.” His help versus the Slyphs help seems different.
We get an idea of Angels versus devils. Since she lost protection from a purer power, she gains
protect from an impure power. Umbriel wants use the bag and vial in order to force Belinda to
take fate in her hand, to seek revenge. Further tainting her innocent image.
Rape of the Lock
Short Argument Essay 1
Lastly Nymphs are employed all over the poem. Nymphs have always been presented as
playful but in a negative sort of way. They are tricky and peculiar. Pope often refers to the other
women, besides Belinda, as nymphs. The supernatural machinery of doubling the other women’s
image with nymphs, kind of reinforces Swift’s view of women in “The Lady’s Dressing Room”.
It is meant to make the other women seem inferior, tainted, and ugly.
Why the reference to Jonathan
Swift and “The Lady’s Dressing
Room” here?
I conclude by stating that in my opinion, The Rape of the Lock is the most genuine and
loveliest sarcastic photo of the times of Alexander Pope. It is a sonnet mocking the chic universe
of his chance. In this taunt gallant work, Pope ridiculed female paltriness. Belinda, the main
female character of the sonnet is the agent of the ladies having a place with the privileged society
which has been the objective of Pope’s parody. Pope has applauded Belinda for her excellence
and appeal. She is the fairy, the cleaning specialist, the reasonable, the virgin, the goddess who is
the opponent of the sun’s bars. She is gone to upon by an expansive number of airborne creatures
for the security of her virtuousness. Her bolt isn’t just sacrosanct however as an image of her
modesty, it is called a ‘limitless prize’. At the point when her hair was trimmed off she flew into a
wrath furious than moral outrage. On numerous occasions, Ariel cautions Belinda of the moving
toward threat to her, yet she couldn’t care less, she is headless. The sylphs attempt their most
extreme to make her mindful of the Baron who is nearing her to remove the bolt of hair from her
head. Be that as it may, she is by all accounts uninterested. This ready lack of concern persuades
that she is desirously disposed toward a chivalrous. To sum up, Pope’s disposition to Belinda is
extremely blended and convoluted, ridiculing but then delicate, respecting but basic. The
dumbfounding idea of Pope’s disposition is personally identified with the Catch 22 of Belinda’s
circumstance. In this ballad, Belinda is the delegate of the debauched noble society
Rape of the Lock
Short Argument Essay 1
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Short Argument Essay 2
Literary Analysis 2
Literary Movement in Kubla Khan
Coleridge, just like other writers of his time has most of his work being dominated by
romance, where the writer demonstrates his interest in nature. Instead of following the patterns of
the eighteenth century, where there are lines drawn between nature and man, Coleridge develops
a passionate idea that nature is an eternal language which is spoken by God. He, therefore, links
nature, man, and spiritual world. In his poem, Kubla Khan, he uses different adjectives to
describe nature. The poem is based on the pleasure dome of Kubla Khan, the emperor; while at
the same time seem to communicate the content and form of his work. The poem has detailed
descriptions and imaginations of nature into its purest form. The poet achieves to transport the
audience into a world of fantasy, through rivers, caverns, a wonderland with a dome and an
ocean. He uses description to account for sounds in the scene and nature. However, this
description is only a dream and does not entail a real life, although it derives symbols and images
from the real world. The poem addresses the imaginative possibility of the subconscious. The
write uses high levels of creativity to draw a picture in the mind of the audience through the
descriptive details of nature. This technique stirs up the concentration and emotions of the reader.
In the poem, the poet introduces Xanadu, in the first stanza, the location of Kubla Khan.
This place is introduced using descriptive adjectives which helps the reader in conceptualizing
the magnificence of the environment. He writes, “A state pleasure-dome decree, Where Alph the
sacred river ran through caverns measureless to man, (Coleridge 2-5). The choice of the word for
the writer demonstrates his pleasure for describing the dome and the sacredness of the river,
which gives the reader a clear picture of the Xanadu. According to the poem, this is a real place,
Short Argument Essay 2
although the poet has given the details of the place from experience of a dream. The described
land is not only huge but also unknowable about the caverns measureless to man. The last line of
this poem addresses the sunless sea. This is another form of imagination since the sea has
everything else apart from the sun. The tone of the poet changes in the second section of the
stanza, from mysterious to pleasant and peaceful, when he speaks of the gardens that surround
Xanadu. According to the poet, there were forests which were ancient just like the hills
(Coleridge 8-11). The description opens the sense of smell and the bright colors.
The writer incorporates spirituality and romantic style in the poem where he demonstrates
the ‘’holy and enchanted,” and proceeds to outline the woman that is wailing for her demon-lover
under the sky that is almost dark. The poet sets a scene that draws the audience into the scene.
The senses are opened to the demonstration of love and affection, which are taking place at the
scene. The writer tells a story of a deep, extravagant, beautiful, and frightening creature, which
resembles the one made of thin air. The choice of words for the poet makes his visions to appear
as if they are coming into real life. The natural environment is described in details throughout the
stanzas, where the writer gives the nature some human characteristics. The earth wears pants,
breathe, and speak of the chasm and turmoil experience. The rocks dance and the river dance,
while running and sinking. The dome is described as having a shadow just like a human being.
Throughout the third stanza, the theme of nature is persisting to dominate. The writer refers to
them, the rare device as a dome that had caves filled with ice (Coleridge 35-36), which is a mindblowing, and an astonishing description to the audience.
In the last stanza, Coleridge focuses on telling the vision that he experienced, which is
occurring in a dream. He long to remember the songs he was playing with the maid. He gives an
Short Argument Essay 2
account of a mysterious, horrifying creature which had floating hair and flashing eyes.
According to him, this creature could only be conquered, by weaving a circle around it three
times and closing eyes with holy dread. (Coleridge 51-52). The audience is moved to a word of
imagination that is dominated by a mixture of forces that contrast between of goods and evils,
dark and light, and hot and cold. The writer achieves to make his work exceptional with detailed
descriptions and imagination of the world of nature and observing the purpose of literature in the
Romantic period.
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