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Create an RFP: This is meant to be published to all potential bidders. Demonstrate your knowledge to me by requiring specific items and not just leaving it up to bidders to propose hardware, software and services.List all hardware, software, and services you need to purchase in order to accomplish your modernization plan.Explore emerging uses of the Internet that would benefit your company and should be included in your proposal.Compare and select most efficient connection method to the Internet that would give you the throughput and reliability to support the benefits in your proposal.To simplify procurement, assume you have enough money to purchase everything from single source vendors.

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RFP IT Services network upgrade – Schwartz Jones & Associates
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Schwartz Jones &Associates
IT Services
Request for Proposal
This RFP is for IT Services network upgrade for Schwartz Jones &Associates.
RFP Sent: December 1, 2018
Responses Due: December 22, 2018
Send any questions on the RFP to:Anthony Jones (212) 608-0850
Send proposals to: Aiden Parker IT Manager, [email protected] Mail to:
123 Flatbush Ave Extension, Brooklyn, New York 11201 if applicable
Budget for services: $60,000-$65,000
Goal for IT service partnership start:April 1, 2019
Project Overview
The Law Firm of Schwartz Jones & Associates (SJA) invites you to respond
to this Request for Proposal (RFP). The purpose of the RFP is to upgrade and
modernize the firm’s current network and security operations. Respondents will be
competing against each other for selection to provide services set forth herein (the
“Services”).The submissions of all Respondents will be compared and evaluated
pursuit to the evaluation criteria set forth in this RFP, and a single Respondent will
be selected for contracting.
Background and Goals
Schwartz Jones & Associates is a firm that specializes in Criminal
Law. Located in Downtown Brooklyn, New York (SJA)was founded by John Jones
and Edward Schwartz in 1979. Due to the expansion of the firm with new hires
within their legal and clerical departments the current networking system needs to
bemodernized and revamped. The firm currently works out of a 2-floor office
building which employs 20 Lawyers, 4 secretaries and 7 paralegals with each
employee having their own workstation.
The primary goals of this project are as follows:

Implement a newand improved functional network system for law firm.

Replace all outdated switches, routers and modems

Upgrade records rooms from hard files to a cloud infrastructure.

Increase speed and bandwidth of the existing network by upgrading to Gb ports, and adding SX ports in
order to team the fiber connections for the smaller switch in

Provide room for network growth, additional redundancy, and failover options.

Improve the firewall failover solution that eliminates the less reliable Net gear units from the core switch
and firewall.
Existing Technical Environment Overview
Currently (SJA) is running outdated servers with unorganized wires running
throughout the firm. The workstations utilized by the office currently were
implemented in 1993. The computers for the firm are outdated as well,
Currentdesktopsare runningon Windows7. The law office is also currently utilizing
2 outdated copy and fax machines that continue to run slow which hinders the
office at time from completing their work.
Service Requirements
The purpose of this RFPis to select a vendor that willupgrade and modernize the
current network that is nearing the end of its life. The selected vendor will have the
ability to add additional capacity, additional redundancy and increase the speed
and bandwidth of the network. This task intends to totally redesign the present IT
framework being utilized by Schwartz Jones & Associates with New and advanced
scalable network system and security.
As part of this RFP the following services are the current priority items for
Schwartz Jones & Associates
Security and Traffic

Cisco ASA 5506-X With firepower services Firewall
Cisco C9300-48U-A Catalyst 9300 Switch
Cisco Catalyst 9000 series 48 pot switch
Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R710 (G2) Rack Server 2U 6 x 3.5″ 12-Cores. (File Server)
Dell R710 (G1) PowerEdge Rack Server 2U 6 x 3.5″ 8-Cores – Custom Build to Initials
be a
proxy server.
Company Requirements
With Schwartz Jones and Associates continuing to grow as a firm, the need to
launch a safe and secure network that is vital to the growth of the company while
allowing strong enough traffic for planned system updates. This new modernize
network should have the capability for growth in the future. (SJA) company
requirements are:
1. Security- The network installed for (SJA) must use stable and secure
technology when possible. Antivirus software as well as
2. Capacity-The network must also ensure proper time for the company’s software.
Transaction counts are expected to rise as the company enters new markets. Network
capacity needs to keep pace.
Budget Details
[Here is your place to further explain budget, any flexibility and any billing
specifics, such as if you need to be billed before a fiscal year end, etc.]
As listed in the summary, our budget for this project is [$60,000-65,000]. While
we of course prefer the most cost-effective solution, all proposals that fall
reasonably within this range will be considered and weighed based on their merits.
Proposals that offer flexibility in billing for non-required elements added to the
agreement after signing will also be considered, as we may be able to budget for
additional funding for these additional services after this fiscal year ends on [date].
All invoices for this project must be billed before [date].
Criteria for Selection
[Business/Company/Organization] will use multiple criteria to select the most
appropriate IT services partner. We invite applicants to be as creative and thorough
as possible when submitting an RFP. We will be evaluating IT service companies
based on the following areas:
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
• [insert criteria]
Proposal Requirements
[List any remaining questions that you need answered such as: How can we be
confident that pricing levels will be aggressive and will remain highly competitive over
a multi-year period during which new models and technology may be introduced?;
What are your standard reporting capabilities?; etc.]
In order for [Business/Company/Organization] to fully understand your company
and assess your ability to fulfill our IT service needs please include detailed
responses to the following:
RFP & Project Timeline Details
RFP Sent: [Date you are sending RFP out]
Responses Due: [Date (and, optionally, a time)]
Finalists Selected & Contacted: [Date or date range]
Winner Selected & Contacted: [Date or date range]
Project Kick-off: [Date or date range]
Partnership Commencement Target Date: [Date or date range]
Thank you for your interest in responding to this RFP with a proposal for IT
services. We look forward to your response.
If you have any questions, please contact [name] at [email and/or phone number].

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