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*Assessment of the Feedback Meeting (Due 7th Week). This is a 1-5 page summary of the
feedback meeting. The report will share what went well; what was difficult; how the client
expressed their reaction(s); and any changes you would make knowing what you know now..
Final Integrated Paper (Due 7th Week). The final field experience write up must include an
assessment of outcome(s) for each phase of the consultative process.*If you can add a page to what we have that would be great.please open the folder and feel free to ask me any question

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“PREVAL” clothing LLC became fully operational Nov 2017. The organization was into the
production of t-shirts, casual wear, pants and custom wears of young adult between the ages of
18-30 years. Since its establishment, the CEO/manager Jobert Preval who has been the frontline
marketer with the help of other few close associates such as family, friends and customers has
assisted in creating awareness and marketing the product.
On our first meeting with the client he complained on the challenges faced as to put out the
product “PREVAL” wears to top store in the state, which was limiting the opportunity available
and affecting sales.
David & Andrew Consulting Company saw the customer challenge as brand building issue, soon
swing into action after carefully understanding the business owner complaint. We made him
understand that issue on ground is a case of creating a brand name and awareness among the
targeted audience.
We made him understand brand is the first thing a consumer sees and it’s the image and
characteristics they think of when your business name is mentioned. A weak brand can limit a
great company. A great brand from top branding firms can resonate with customers, inspire
loyalty, and rejuvenate a company on the edge. But what makes a brand great?
With a strong brand identity, ask yourself if your company is using and celebrating its full
potential. As a catalyst for your business transactions, knowing how, where, and why to
communicate your brand is essential.
As a consulting firm, we don’t accept that the “way things have always been done” is an
acceptable answer to new marketing challenges. That’s why we urge clients to not only embrace
change, but to create it.
Business View from the Outside
Looking at how your consumers perceive your brand. We take “PREVAL” wears, put it in the
best possible light, and conduct thorough consumer testing to diagnose its impact on consumer
choice. We also work to see the product “PREVAL” wears get to the targeted audience who are
interest and it helps to build Brand name.
We don’t just focus on the importance of knowing your customer; we believe it is equally or
more important that your CEO and everyone who are primary contact of the product are on board
with your brand so everyone can deliver a consistent, positive customer experience.
Product View from the Inside
The product view from the inside in our Branding Process determines what outstanding qualities
“PREVAL” wears offers. We at David & Andrew Consulting Company will polish the already
existing idea and building it into household clothing through strategic positioning and increment
of consumer base.
The first step in the process was the PREVAL Clothing agreeing to hire us David & Andrew
Consulting Company as Brand Consult, as we are able to diagnose the challenge of the product
and knowing what to expect from us the Consultant
We made the client to understand that Brand Consulting isn’t a one-time event, but rather an
ongoing process throughout the life of your company. It’s important for both of us i.e
“PREVAL” Clothing and “David & Andrew Consulting Company, the consultant to know that
neither of us is having has the answers. There isn’t a mathematical formula for branding. Some
things work and some things don’t, and often the best way to find out is through trial and error.
After the meeting, the client requested we schedule for another meeting with our business
proposal. In the business proposal, we tried to market our organization in the best short possible
details to enable win the interest of the client.
Next was acceptance and signing of the Agreement , stating the details and modalities of
operation during the process of contract which was to initially run for one year.(attached).
David & Andrew Consulting Company took to action as the consult with weekly meetings with,
promotions and publicity of the product “PREVAL” wears on social media with has since gained
more audience. We hope during the first quarterly review of the contract, there would be increase
in sales and increment in production which would in turn allow for acceptance into the big stores
No brand is set in stone, and your brand consultant should be willing to adjust even if they think
their original brand concept for your company is the greatest branding idea of all time.
The most important thing to expect from a brand consultant is that they will work to understand
your audiences.
If your brand message doesn’t attract people and convince them of the value of having your
business in their life, it’s not a very good branding message. A good brand consultant will attack
the problem from an audience perspective to understand who they are and what’s important to
them. Then he or she will work to engage your audience creatively.
Consultant should try to get a sense of whether the brand and the brand consultant have good
chemistry. A brand consultant that looks good on paper isn’t always the right match in real life.
When you meet with a potential brand consultant in person if possible think of it like a first date.
It will be obvious if they get your company in a way that works for you. If they don’t, that
doesn’t mean they are bad at their job. It just means they weren’t the right match for you.
Lastly, our strategy as a brand consultant David & Andrew Consulting Company is to always
approach your company the way your audience will approach it in order to create genuine human
connections with potential customers.

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