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Research PaperThis assignment will bring together the work that you’ve done in previous assignments. Based on what you’ve learned about your career or occupation, you will create a 10 page (8 pages of content; 1 title page and 1 reference page; double-spaced, 12 point times new roman or arial font, APA format, 1 inch margins) research paper. The research paper will be worth up to a total of 100 pointsBased on your career choice, you will write a research paper about the career or occupation you have researched in this course. Your paper should include facts you’ve found from at least 7 sources. Your paper should have a title page with the title, your name, the course name, and the date. Your references should be listed on a separate page at the end of the paper. Information on APA formatting and how to format the citations and references can be found in weblinks section of the Blackboard course shell.The paper you submit in will include these parts:Cover page – 1 pageResearch paper – 8 pages (8 complete pages!)References section – 1 pageThe following rubric will be used to assess the quality of your work:CategoryPoints5 (25 points)4 (20 points)3 (15 points)2 (10 points)1 (5 points)OrganizationInformation is very organized with well constructed paragraphs, use of subheadings, and information is factual and correctInformation is organized with well constructed paragraphs and information is factual and correctInformation is organized but paragraphs are not well constructed and information is factualThe information appears to disorganized information is suspect to being correct and factualInformation is not only disorganized but inaccurateQuality of InformationInformation clearly relates to the main topic. It includes several supporting details and/or examplesInformation clearly relates to the main topic. It provides 1 – 2 supporting details and/or examplesInformation clearly relates to the main topic. No details and/or examples or givenInformation has little to do with the main topicInformation has nothing to do with the main topicMechanicsNo grammatical, spelling or punctuation errorsAlmost no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errorsA few grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errorsMany grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errorsWay to many for a college student getting ready to enter the health education fieldSourcesAll sources are accurately documented in the desired format (APA)All sources are accurately documented, but a few are not in the desired format (APA)All sources are accurately documented, but many are not in the desired format (APA)Some sources are not accurately documentedTo many sources are not documented accurately and there is not a format usedUPON COMPLETION PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR RESEARCH PAPER BY CLICKING THE “RESEARCH PAPER” LINK AND SELECTING “BROWSE MY COMPUTER”. YOU CAN THEN ATTACH YOUR PAPER AND SUBMIT TO BE GRADED. DO NOT EMAIL YOUR PAPER TO ME.

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Goals Essay
Joseph Kaufman
February 15, 2019
As per my career concept map, the career path that I chose is human resources. More
specifically, a human resource manager. In all honesty, I really don’t know if I am even going to
stick with this plan because right now, I just want to get my associate’s degree in general studies
and call it a day. But I chose human resources because it falls under the umbrella of business. I
know that I want to have a career involving business in some way, shape, or form so I chose to
pursue the human resource department because I would love to work in a nice office environment.
Plus, the human resource department pretty much handles everything that goes on in a business.
And that fits me well because I feel that I have the potential to become a very important person.
Human resource professionals have the key directive of developing and implementing
programs, policies, and strategies that relate to business management. The right skills, knowledge,
and creative abilities form the foundation for the right candidate who can positively affect the
success of a company. To achieve a career in human resources, there are several short-term and
long-term goals which facilitate the achievement of going into the HR department.
My short-term goals are the objectives that I want to meet within a short period of time by at
least giving myself one to two years to reach them. My short-term goals include the following:
making sure that the job description of human resources is something that I truly want to partake
in. Setting up a plan, of meeting the job description and starting my focus on the size and nature
of a company that I would want to work for as the human resource Manager. Becoming an HR
Manager requires the right academic credentials such as obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Human
Resource Management, along with getting your MBA (Master of Business Administration
Degree). Therefore, since I am currently in school working on my associate degree, this is a part
of my short-term goals. Also, by targeting to work for a big company, I must achieve a high
academic profile so that I can be very competitive in the job market. This is a primary goal that
everyone who chooses to go into HR must strive to achieve in search for a human resource manager
position. My other short-term goals include attending leadership courses to help sharpen my
management attributes and personalities. A successful manager is driven by good leadership
characteristics which are well organized. Leaders can either be born or made, therefore, attending
the leadership courses would greatly help and sharpen the characteristics of the Human Resource
Manager career. Now on to my long-term goals.
My long-term goals are my career objectives that I plan to have achieved within a few years.
My long-term goals include the following: getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Both the
bachelor’s and master’s degrees are the minimum requirements of becoming a Human resource
Manager. Human resource management is the fundamental course every employer will be looking
for when hiring an HR Manager. Another long-term goal is gaining the manager’s experience
level. Professional work experience is an important achievement in the human resource career and
a manager should target gaining the managerial experience in order to qualify for the position. HR
Managers require a high-level of job experience and real-world skills in the organizational
The steps that I plan to take in achieving my HR Manager career goal involves me staying in
school, making a career plan, networking, and hunting for the position. I am already in school
now, so I have to do my best to stay focused and to not give up. I will create a career plan by
setting a strategic strategy and formulating the procedure of achieving my set end goals. I will
network by exploring the opportunities available in the job market and talking to people who are
in the field of human resource. I will hunt for the position by continuing to study and learn the
craft of business. So, once I finally start working in the field of HR, every opportunity available
will be transformed into achievement. And once I obtain the HR Manager position, then my
dream career will be fulfilled. After that, I will only be concerned about getting promoted and
branching off to invest in different businesses.
Marchington, M. (2015). Human resource management (HRM): Too busy looking up to see where
it is going longer term? Human resource Management Review, 25(2), 176-187.
Albrecht, S. L., & Saks, A. M. (2015). Employee engagement, human resource management
practices and competitive advantage: An integrated approach. Journal of Organizational
Effectiveness: People and Performance, 2(1), 7-35.

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