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 AA Substance Dependence Rotation assignment

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School of Nursing

Behavioral Health Substance Dependence Rotation

Attend an Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous Meeting at a location of your choice for patients with alcohol or drug abuse problems. Meeting schedules can be found in local newspapers or online. Be sure to select an “open” meeting and wear appropriate street clothing. Identify yourself as a nursing student and participate in the discussion per your level of comfort and as the group leads you to. As always, it is your duty to abide by HIPPA laws as it is an important part of the meetings for protecting the privacy of others.


1. Identify the effects of substance dependence on clients.

2. Identify ways to begin effectively care for clients with substance dependence issues.

3. Understand and explore various treatments of substance dependence.

4. Analyze the present and emerging role of the registered nurse as it relates to mental health issues.

Each student must submit a paper related to the transitioning from the role of the student to the role of the practitioner. The paper should be at least 3 pages and should follow APA format. Title and Reference page to be included, not part of the paper’s length. You will be graded according to the rubric. The paper should address the following outcomes:

Summary Questions

Outcome 1-Treatment Philosophy

1. What was the treatment philosophy of the group meeting you attended?

2. Describe the social milieu of the meeting and its effect on the group participants.

3. What are your thoughts about the treatment philosophy and it success?

Outcome 2- Key principles of self- help groups and their impact on participants

1. Describe interactions of the meeting’s participants.

2. Were personal experiences shared during the meeting? Please site one example and how it affected you.

3. Were the key concepts (active ingredients) identified in the readings demonstrated in the group meeting you attended? If so, how? If not, how could they be incorporated in a group meeting?

Outcome 3- Theory

1. Discuss the effects of substance abuse on the participants.

2. Identify defense mechanisms used by group participants (Identify at least two and explain in detail).

3. Compare this meeting to the nursing process and how it applies to the participants.

Outcome 4- Personal Experience

1. What did you learn about self-help groups?

2. Did attending the meeting change your perspective about self-help groups?

3. What were your personal reactions/feelings about the meeting and the participants?

4. What is one thing talked about at the meeting that you could incorporate into your own life? If so please state one thing that impacted you.

Outcome 5- Relation to emerging role

Please also provide rationale of how your attendance can be vital to your role as emerging registered nurse. How does this relate to current theory?


McKellar JD, Harris AH, Moos RH. (2009). Patients’ abstinence status affects the benefits of 12-

step self-help group participation on substance use disorder outcomes. Drug Alcohol Dependence. 99(1-3):115-22.

Moos, RH. (2008). Active ingredients of substance use-focused self-help groups. Addiction.


Townsend, M. (2020). Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based

Practice, 10th Edition. Philadelphia, PA: F.A.Davis Company.

Mental Health Writing Assignment Grading Rubric




APA Format

10 to 5 pts

Full Marks

Correct formatting, with title and reference page. Use of two references in correct form.

4.9 to 3.5 pts

Needs improvement

3-5 errors in APA formatting

3.5 to 0 pts

No Marks

Greater than 5 errors

10 pts


20 to 10 pts

Full Marks

Minimal grammar errors. Correct sentence structure and no spelling errors.

9.9 to 3.5 pts

Needs improvement

Spelling errors, subject and verb agreement errors and incomplete sentence structure

3.5 to 0 pts

No Marks

More than 5 spelling errors, more than 3 incomplete sentences

20 pts

Nursing content

60 to 40 pts

Full Marks

Covers each area in a concise manner. All major areas covered. Evidence based practice is cited. Medical terminology is used properly.

39.9 to 20 pts

Needs improvement

Missing 3 basic areas of nursing knowledge, or appropriate answers to specific nursing related questions. Lacking a source of strong evidence.

19.9 to 0 pts

No Marks

No evidence cited and not covering major concepts.

60 pts


10 to 5 pts

Full Marks

Paper 3 pages in length. Cover page and reference page included.

4.9 to 3.5 pts

Needs improvement

Missing 1 of the following- cover page, reference page. Less than 2 pages or excessive amount over 2 pages.

3.5 to 0 pts

No Marks

Greater than 1 of these criteria missing.

10 pts

Total Points: 100

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