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Directions: Read the Labov article on Social Stratification and… Directions:  Read the Labov article on Social Stratification and answer the questions below. For the multiple choice questions, more than one answer is possible. Labov, W. (1997). The Social Stratification of (r) in New York City Department Stores.  In Sociolinguistics (pp. 168-178). Macmillan Education UK.  1. Which of the following methods of obtaining natural speech does Labov see as not acceptable.a. the study of a person’s speech as they interact with their family or peer groupb. the formal, perhaps taped, interviewc. the study of language use in context when there is no explicit observation 2. Which of the following statements is true with respect to Labov’s claims:a. There is a direct correlation between the differential use of (r) and social stratification in NYCb.   Differential use of (r) in the English of NYC demonstrates the existence of regional speech communities c. rapid and anonymous speech events could be used to support a systematic study of language        3. What was the percentage of all or some (r-1) usage in each of the stores Labov tested?                         Saks                         Macy’s                         Klein’s 4. Labov asked the question that elicited the answer “fourth floor” twice, the first time casually and the second time leaning forward and saying “Excuse me” before repeating the question. Thus each answer had four potential instances of (r): Casual: “fourth floor” . . . Emphatic: “fourth floor.” Which of the four instances of (r) was most often articulated as “r” across all salespersons?a. fourth (casual)b. floor (casual)c. fourth (emphatic)d. floor (emphatic) 5. Which of Labov’s claims was supported by the data he collected and analyzed? Give a sentence describing the claim(s).      Arts & Humanities English English LiteratureCSAS 3113

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SOLVED:Directions: Read the Labov article on Social Stratification
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