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We expect that for each base table R in a social data set we have…  We expect that for each base table R in a social data set we have two update tasks : insert(R, t) which embeds tuple t into table R on the off chance that t doesn’t disregard any of the imperatives pronounced for R (flops in any case), and delete(R, p) which erases all records in R fulfilling predicate p (and comes up short if this could abuse referential respectability requirements). Update tasks are consolidated in projects to characterize exchanges with Corrosive certifications. Assume that we have characterized a view V = Q(R1, R2, . . . , Rn), where the Ri show the base tables utilized in inquiry Q. The creators of another information base framework need to permit clients to refresh straightforwardly such a view. ) When a Windows NTFS access control entry (ACE) is inherited by a subdirectory, under which circumstances is the “inherit only” flag set or cleared, and why? [4 marks] (c) What is existential unforgeability of a message authentication code? [4 marks] (d) Which problem with CBC-MAC is fixed by ECBC-MAC, and how? [4 marks] (e) A C program running on a 32-bit processor contains the following function: void f(int *a, int l) { int *b, i; b = (int *) malloc(l * sizeof(int)); if (b == NULL) return; for (i = 0; i < l; i++) b[i] = a[i]; [...] }If you have a visitor from out of town you can let her check her e-mail on your University account. (ii) Inebriation is a mitigating excuse if one has broken a rule governing use of University computing facilities. That is, assuming we have an update of the structure U = insert(V, t) or U = delete(V, p), then the data set framework should consequently create an exchange TU over the tables Ri to such an extent that for any data set example DB this outline drives: DB TU -? DB0 ? Q ? Q V U -? V 0 all in all, applying the update U straightforwardly to a view (as though it were a base table) delivers a similar outcome as applying TU to the data set and afterward assessing the view inquiry. A significant issue with this approach is that there might be numerous particular answers for TU . We investigate this at this point. (a) Make sense of the contrast between an information base inquiry and a data set view. Image transcription texta) Figure la shows an overall two-portnetwork consisting of Network A andNetwork B in a certain int… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textA small social network contains sixpeople who are network friends withsix other people in the net… Show more… Show more  Computer Science Engineering & Technology Information SecurityENGR 213

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SOLVED:We expect that for each base table R in a social data set we
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