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Depending on the description of the website “online store that provides delivery service for organic fruits and vegetables” located in the attachments, please answer the following questionsQ. 1 Determine the suitable software and hardware needed with an explanation on why it’s needed.1. What type of functionality needed in your website, such as CRM?2. What type of hardware needed? Do you need a server or it will be in the cloud?Q.2 Identifying security issues as well as how to avoid it.1. What type of security? To whom or to what?2. Potential threats to your website?3. Recommendation.Regulations:Student must apply any recognized Academic Referencing Style within their reports.A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it.Answer for etch question should be in not less than 200 words. All students are encouraged to use their own words.Plagiarism in case of more than 20% will get zero grades.

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Question 1
1. Introduction about your business.
Our idea is creating an online store that provides delivery service for organic
fruits and vegetables. We want to deal directly with organic farms and deliver their
produce to costumer immediately fresh, so the costumer can receive fresh product with a
reasonable price comparing to the other competitors. We promise our customers that our
products are coming certified organic farms. Our product will be delivered fresh, organic,
non-GMO & natural to your home.
2. Product and type of services.
We will offer our customers organic fruits and vegetables delivery to their
address. We will also provide our customers international product. We will provide
product from all over the world such as China, USA, and Europe. It will include all the
seasonal fruits & vegetables. For example, Blood orange, sprout, kales, Bayberry, and
3. Business statement.
Our businesses statement is to become a market leader in selling organic fruits
and vegetables in Saudi Arabia within 5 years. Also we will sell products that enhances
the quality of life and well-being. Now a day, there is a growing connection between
food, health and wellness. Therefore, we want to guarantee this to the costumer by
producing high quality organic fresh fruits and vegetables.
In the future, we want to continue growing in business by having dairies and eggs. Also
focusing on improving our services by exceeding high expectations of our customers.
4. Business vision.
Our vision is to be the number one choice for providing organic fruits and vegetables in
the KSA.
5. Business objective.

Provide customers with the fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Offer non-GMO food.

Support organic farms.
Question 2 business E-commerce processes.
For the efficiency in the operation of the various businesses E-commerce
processes, the enterprise would employ the business process re-engineering (BPR).
According to Chang (2016), BPR is a management approach that prioritizes on analyzing
and designing workflows and business processes within an enterprise. Thus, the use of
the business process re-engineering would be essential since it would harness the element
of efficiency on the various businesses E-commerce workflows and processes. The
process of registering on the website would involve clicking on the sign-up button on the
webpage. This step would be followed by provision of customers’ personal details and
provision of automatic user name and number so as to enhance the identity of the
customer. The product browsing process would entail the clicking of the arrow on the
products section on the home page that would enhance a flow view of the various
products stocked by the business and their respective price tags.
The process of collecting products in shopping bag would involve the packaging of the
ordered and paid products by the client by the staffs in the supply chain department. The
address details process would be automated based on the address data issued by the client
during the registration. However, due to the likelihood of changing the place of residence,
the address detail process would entail the provision of a change address button to
enhance the possibility of changing the address details. The payment way process would
encompass the provision of several payment methods to the customer such as SADAD,
PayPal and credit cards among others which the client ought to choose one for the
payment purposes. The provision of the various payment methods would enrich the
easiness of the customers to pay for their products using their preferred payment
methods. The confirmation mail process will involve the sending of automatic mail to the
customer once payment is made. This confirmation mail process will act as a means to
ascertain the making of purchase of products and the respective amount by the client. The
product delivery to the customer process would involve loading of the ordered products
to the delivery van and following of the address information provided to deliver the
products to the customer. The feedback by customer’s process would entail requesting of
the client to provide information about the nature of the delivered products and rating of
the services provided by the business. The customer relationship management system
helps companies in collecting customers’ information. Thus, E-commerce would use
customer relationship management system to connect and collect feedback from the
Question 3 SWOT analysis
This project has many aspects in terms of strengths: first, uniqueness of
the project idea. Second, the convenience our customers will receive from the
home delivery service at all times (24/7). Finally, the huge verity of vegetables
and fruits offered will allow our customers to choose easily.
Every business has its own weakness, and our project has some areas of
weakness such as the high price of organic food. Also, the project will be limited
in Jeddah area only and it will take time to have a strong positive reputation
among its customers. Moreover, the number of organic farms in Saudi Arabia is
not large, so it will be hard to make good deals with the farmers available. Finally,
organic produce is not well defined or understood by large number of consumers
The project has a great potential to grow since people are caring more
about the environment along with health as well. Moreover, the competitors
number is really minimal in the market.
The threats may include price fluctuation of the organic food since it
depends on a small number of organic farms. Also, organic food certification
might be hard in Saudi Arabia because the idea of organic food is not so popular.
Lastly, economic conditions would affect the consumer purchasing decision
because the price of organic food is higher than ordinary foods.
Question 4 design and format (draft).
The E-commerce website will be designed and formatted in various HTML
columns and bars. These HTML columns and bars will contain different information
concerning the business. On top of the E-commerce website, there will be an HTML bar
containing the logo and name of the business. Moreover, there will be a search button.
The E-commerce website will also contain a menu navigation bar that would compose of
the home, about, products, register, and contact buttons. The E-commerce would be
designed in a way that it will have a category column on the left side of the webpage. On
the center of E-commerce, there will be two columns one for the products stocked by the
business and another for the upcoming new products. Lastly, the E-commerce website
will have a footer bar on the lower end of the webpage. This design and format of the Ecommerce website can be held to be efficient since it will harness the easiness of the
customers to navigate and scroll through the website. Besides, the design and format of
the E-commerce webpage can be held to be efficient since it promotes the easiness of
displaying and accessing business-related information. This affirmation rests on the fact
that the HTML columns and bars used help in capturing content information clearly.
Question 5 system functionality
The top bar of the web wireframe with the logo and name of the business this will
serve the purpose of branding the company by ensuring the identification of the
organization by the online viewers. Besides, the search button on the top right side of the
E-commerce webpage would function as a button to look for any product offered by the
enterprise. Additionally, the menu navigation bar top of the E-commerce website would
serve as a linked bar with various buttons. The menu button would provide the default
landing page of the web wireframe. The about button on this menu navigation bar would
act as a link for providing information concerning the history, mission, and vision of the
enterprise. The product button on this menu navigation bar would function as a link for
providing information about the products offered by the firm. The register button on the
menu navigation bar would serve as a link to provide information on how to register as a
customer of the enterprise. Lastly, the contact button on the menu navigation bar would
function as a link for providing contact information of the business such as the mobile
numbers, address, social media contacts, and email address contacts.
The category column on the left side of the web wireframe would serve as a
means to group products in the form of those which share the same sizes and features.
Hence this will category column will ensure the easiness of searching a product since a
user would only be required to click the category to view the various products under a
particular category. The products column which is on the centre of the E-commerce
website would function as a platform of displaying the products stocked by the company.
Moreover, this column would also display the price tag underneath the respective
products that would be displayed. The new product column would on the other hand
function as a tab to display the new products to be stocked by the E-commerce business.
Besides, the new product column will display the anticipated price and time that the new
commodity would be stocked in the firm. Lastly, the footer section on the lower part of
the web wireframe would display all the aspects of the webpage which can be clicked to
get detailed information.
Chang, J. F. (2016). Business process management systems: strategy and implementation.
Auerbach Publications.
Schniederjans, M. J., Cao, Q., & Triche, J. H. (2013). E-commerce operations
management. World Scientific Publishing Company.

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