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Produce a technical description that is a verbal and visual representation of an object, mechanism, or process. Engineers are often engaged in this type of technical communication in their academic and professional careers. Technical descriptions are useful in describing in detail what an object looks like and/or its processes for a peer or lay audience. Descriptions are also useful for feasibility reports, in proposals or planning, and for informing the audience of the value of specific equipment. Technical descriptions can be objective reports, describing how something works. They are also persuasive in the sense that you want your audience to be convinced of your accuracy, logic, and the importance of your description—and the viability and efficaciousness of a product or process. The audience for this technical description assignment includes your instructor and your peers in class. Technical Description Assignment Steps: 1. Choose a technological item or process to describe. 2. Research the history and latest information regarding the item or process. References and proper citation are mandatory. 3. Divide the item or process into its components: parts and subparts or steps. Then describe each part and subpart or step in detail. 4. Take pictures or use images from the other sources with proper citations. Give every picture a figure number and a caption. Technical Description Assignment Components: Title page/coversheet Introduction: Discuss the history of the innovation, the innovator, the need for the innovation, and all relevant background information. Body: Present in a clear, detailed, and comprehensive manner the actual technical description of the innovation. Arrange the content in an outline format. Use images and cite them.For an object, that will include the individual parts described in a logical flow that you choose, for example, top, middle, bottom, or exterior and then interior parts.For a process, the flow will likely be chronological, but again, you decide the best order of presentation. Conclusion: Summarize and possibly describe how the object or process functions as a whole. If relevant, the conclusion may also include implications and/or context of the technology. References page

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