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for the education one. i don’t have any additional requirement then the one i requested from you except that the case this time will be different. i attached it. (case and form)for the biology one you will see all the requirement in the attachment (Bio)


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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Interstellar (movie, release date: 2014)
After watching the movie Take notes on any interesting science as you progress—nothing formal, just
ideas or key points that occur to you. Once you have completed this, you will begin the second half of
the assignment by locating a current scientific article that relates to the science in your chose media
piece. This article should:

Be current—no older than 3 years

Be popularly available. Use resources that people would regularly read, not peer reviewed
sources. use website that end with .edu or science website.

Relate directly to the science of your chosen topic. Please do not select articles relating to
museum exhibits or human interest stories.
Now, you can begin to write your paper. Your paper should be 3-4 pages typed, size 12 font, double
spaced. It should address the following.

Brief summary of the science content of your media choice.

Discussion of the scientific article you selected

Explanation of how the article you selected connects to the science in your chosen media

Description of the significance or importance of this science to modern citizens in America and
worldwide. Why does this science matter? How will it change or affect human lives or the
planet as a whole?

Include a bibliography that lists both your media content and your article
You are a first grade teacher and your student mobility is off the charts. It is nearing Thanksgiving and
already 50% of your class of 22 is different than they were at the beginning of September. You want to
plan Thanksgiving activities for your class, but you are not certain how the parents of your learners will
react. It IS a national holiday, but not everyone observes or commemorates it. The story of the Pilgrim
Thanksgiving appears in your social studies curriculum and you are supposed to deal with it, but you
are aware that many of your learners may come from backgrounds that lean away from the idea of this
national day of thanksgiving. Additionally, you have two learners whose parents are Jehovah’s
Witnesses. The parents are emailing you, asking what you plan to do and what they should be prepared
to hear from their children. Also, the local newspaper is preparing its Thanksgiving issue and wants
pictures from the schools. What do you do?
All RED words are Headings. Use them in your writing. Delete all blue directions and comments to highlight your
ideas, including this one. Before printing, clean up all pages and prepare for presentation, review spacing on page.
Adjust if necessary, then print. Reformat and refine its appearance. Watch line spacing and widows and orphans.
Erase all blue text. Points are assigned for “fit and finish.”
Part I

Assigned Situation –max 1/2 page single spaced: This is the story you tell to describe
your ethical challenge/dilemma. Copy and paste it from Blackboard file. Add any items
you think necessary. You can only discuss what is in this description of the case. Include
all people and circumstances involved.

Converted/Translated Situation –max 1/2 page single spaced: Here, ADD your
translation of the Assigned Situation into a situation pertaining to your major which has
EXACTLY the same basic elements, although the setting, players and issues will reflect
circumstances affecting your major or the professionals who work in it. You may want to
consult with a professional in your field by email or phone to see what they see as being
analogous to your Assigned Situation in their field of work. If you or they cannot, you
must analyze the Assigned Situation. You can only discuss what is in this description of the
case. Include all people and circumstances involved.
• This Analysis will Consider the Assigned Situation ______
• This analysis will Consider the Converted/Translated Situation ______

Check one of the above two options to identify the situation you will analyze. Continue
the analysis with this in mind. It will be so evaluated.

Ethical Issue This is a broad area of inquiry, and the ethical question is a special case of
it; the area of inquiry can produce a large number of ethical questions, depending on the
situation. The case concerns itself with the following ethical issue area (“this case is
about”—this should be a word or phrase, not a sentence or question). Do not
submit a question or sentence or description here. Include what would be the label on the
tab of a file folder you use to store the case in a file cabinet or computer file. It will be a
word or phrase, not a question. That will appear below.(Answer here)

Ethical Question (Answer here) Enter one question only. If you enter more than one
question, label the others “Additional questions.” If you do not, you must include a complete
case analysis for each question. This will cost you an incredible amount of work and time.

Disputation What is at stake here? What are the major components or possibilities
involved in the issue or the ethical question? Remember to interpret the case with a view to
the information or technological aspects of the situation. How is technology involved in your
case – in its description, or its unfolding or your preparation of your response? What needs
to be considered in order to arrive at the most/best ethical resolution to the problem? (Answer
End Case Part 1 (Erase this line. And, as usual, close up any unused space below.)
Part 2
• Dimensions
Which of the following dimensions has impact on your analysis of this case? Comment on
ALL dimensions and tell who (or what) is involved here.
In the chart, identify who or which dimension has bearing – or not – on the case. THAT’S ALL.
Simply define/describe who or what has bearing and put Yes, No or Somewhat in the column on
the right. The purpose of this section of your analysis is to have you consider all of the possible
influences on your final decision. The challenge is to identify and to describe each of them in
detail. Later on, you will assign weights to each of them, but for now your task is MERELY to
identify them.
Family – Relatives,
including extended
family. Who is
Friends – People
you include in your
“circle of friends”
– close or broad
circle. Name them.
Morality – Which
Moral/ Ethical
Code? Identify it.
Society – Define
the segment of
society. Who is
Customary –
Define your
workmates or
“feel” for the
location around
Legal – Which
Laws Apply?
Who? What?
Do they have something to say about the issue?
Single word required,only. (Yes or No – or
/Professional –
What do
professionals in
Your career area
Your Background
–Does Your
Background Apply
to/Influence This
Case? Describe It
in Your Own
Words and Tell
How. ======è

Dimensional Analysis –This is the MAJOR PART of your analysis. Answer
in complete sentences. Answers may be the same, but do not just use copy
and paste without thinking about your answers. The more you think, and the
more variety you include here, the better.
Type – Simple/Complex –
Is the case simple or
complex? Depends on your
Applicable Dimensions
(from chart below; list
them and tell how each
applies) = account for all
applicable dimensions.
(Why is each dimension
applicable? If not, “N/A”)
Add lines if needed.
Delete unneeded lines.
Add lines if needed.
Delete unneeded lines.
Dimensions and Their Influence on Your Decision
Use complete sentences, phrases or clauses in your responses below. End them all with a
period or exclamation point. All responses must reflect what to do and should describe an
action. Do not “philosophize” here. State what your influencers and you think SHOULD
BE DONE. Make it obvious, please.
Dimension says DO WHAT?
Be specific for each segment
of dimension.
What You Think Should
be Done. DO THIS.
Family –
What would
your family
say to do?
Friends –
What would
your friends/
associates say
to do?
Morality –
Which Moral/
Ethical Code?
Society –
Or – Which
Segment of
Customary –
What is the
Local Arena
of Discourse?
Which Set of
Legal –
Which Laws?
They would say do this:
You think this should be
They would say do this:
You think this should be
Identify and name the ethical
code that applies to this case
is (with source):
What would society say to
You think this should be
In the local area, what would
people say should be done?
You think this should be
Which laws apply, and what
would they say to do?
You think this should be
You think this should be
Weight (How
Important Is
1-5, ABCD)
– Which
Are Involved?
Your “Gut

What others in your (or an
applicable) field would say to
You think this should be
What would your
background say to do?
What does your “Gut
Instinct” tell you to do?
You think this should be
You think this should be
Basis of Ethical Decision (On which one or which ones of the dimensions do you base
your decision? How does it/each apply? Which is/are the most important ones, in
descending order of importance?) Deal with them one by one. Use numbers and
add headings below. Be sure to include the weight you have given each

(Most Important – and Why?)
(Second Most Important…and So On.)
5. …and so on. Don’t forget to take the weight of each into
account. Use as many numbers as you need, and erase the
STATE YOUR FINAL BEST DECISION and complete Decision Analysis below.
• Solutions to the Question

#1 Solution. Best –
a. WHAT is the best solution? Answer Here:
b. Support #1 (from the language of ethics – consequentialist, nonconsequentialist…
realist…pragmatic…idealistic…existentialist thinking) Tell why, in the language
of ethics from our course dialogue/book, WHY this is the best solution:
c. Support #2 (research/source support – with bibliographic
on your library, Internet, literature research, why this is the best solution. Include the
source as: (Name/Author/Source, Year). Note that with Internet sources you may
NOT merely list the URL. Find out the source or author of the information and
identify them. Do NOT use ND – at the very least, list the date you accesses or
downloaded the information Also, list the COMPLETE source in your reference
section at end of the report, in the References section:
d. Limits to the solution (why it is not perfect):

#2 Solution. Worst
a. What is the worst possible course of action? (from the language of ethics –
consequentialist, consequentialist …realist…pragmatic…idealistic…existential) Tell
why, in the language of ethics from our course dialogue/book, WHY this is a not-good
solution (it would be good to use some of these words):
b) Reject Why reject this course of action? Give explanations.
c) Not supported by (consequentialist, nonconsequentialist, realist, pragmatic,
idealistic, existentialist thinking) (See above. Argue from philosophical principles).
d) Source – Why this is not a good idea, with
e) Limits – Why some could argue that this IS an acceptable solution.

#3 Solution. Second Worst
a. What is the NEXT worst possible course of action?
b. Reject Why reject this course of action? Give explanations.
c. Not supported by (consequentialist, nonconsequentialist, realist, pragmatic,
idealistic, existential).
d. Source – Why this is not a good idea, with
e. Limits – Why some could argue that this IS an acceptable solution.

#4 Solution. Third Worst
a. What is the NEXT worst possible course of action?
b. Reject Why reject this course of action? Give explanations.
c. Not supported by (consequentialist, nonconsequentialist, realist, pragmatic,
idealistic, existential)
d. Source – Why this is not a good idea, with
e. Limits – Why some could argue that this IS an acceptable solution

In the Future (What would you recommend be done so that in the future this issue is
easier to deal with, or doesn’t arise at all? Give this some real thought.)

Virtue.(Which “virtues” did this case challenge in you? Be specific. How would this
work in your life?)

Agency. (In what ways could this case aid you in becoming an active ethical
agent for: a. yourself; b. others; c. society? Be specific, with examples.)

Usefulness to You? (Be specific. How would this analysis work in your life?) Also –
what can you do to insure that this case analysis serves you when the time comes?

Usefulness for Classmates? (Be specific. It would make sense to ask some of

Discussion Questions (5 Discussion Questions for Presentation): (Go beyond
yes/no questions. At least probe “why” or “say more”)

Relevance of Electronics/Technology to Your Ethical Analysis? Remember,
either technology figured directly into your analysis OR you used technology to prepare it.
Or both. Describe your use of technology and how it affected your analysis – tools or
information or both.

Final Comment? Think about the final outcomes of your case analysis on
your thinking and on your approach to living and working. Make your
comment relevant and cogent – and a worthwhile summing up of your
experience with doing it. Do not neglect this step. Make it non-trivial.

References (use APA, MLA, Chicago or other format) Include references you have
used in support of your 4 solutions. AND CITE THESE REFERENCES ABOVE IN
syllabus References and to emulate their format and style.
(Citations in text appear as (Name, Year) or (Name, Year, Page number if applicable)
After you prepare your Case Analysis, reread and proof read it. Fix any errors. Run Spelling and
Grammar Checks and Proofread it. Then check off that you have done it at the bottom of the first
page. Erase all blue text. Polish entire report so it looks professional. Delete all blue text. Make
this look like a professional effort. Case Analyses are to be submitted on paper, single spaced.

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