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Follow the instruction to write 6 pages paperPlease read all instructions very carefullyAll the work must be originalTurnitin report is required

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Social practice midterm assignment requirements
Due Date: March 13 , 2019 Length: 6-8 pages (double-spaced)
Each response should be approximately 4 pages. Integrate the required, recommended,
and other relevant readings. You are required to use APA style citations.
1. Reflect on the original self-statement you wrote when you applied to the program and
your original motivation to study social work at our school. Discuss any changes in
your understanding of being a professional social worker in light of your experiences
at school and in light of social work mission or purpose. Be aware that although this
is a self-reflective paper, you must use the reference readings listed below related to
the topic.
As for my original self-statement when I apply to the program, I think I possess
several traits that would make me a qualified practitioner in the field of social work. First, my
character: I am very outgoing, passionate, persistent and a warm-hearted person who
always wants to help and share that matches well with the essence of social work. Besides,
In college classmate’s eyes, I am able to figure out effective ideas to solve their emotional
barriers. Second, as a key member of some social clubs in my college, I organized many
large-scale publicity campaigns and salons where I substantially improved my leadership,
teamwork, public speaking and emergency tackling skills. These activities given me more
experiences in problem solving and interacting with people. Finally, as a Chinese student, I
am from a different cultural background and I am willing to exchange ideas with many likeminded classmates from around the globe and learn various culture.
And here are the reasons for my original motivation to study social work, First of all, my
college major is human resource management, a discipline that focus everything on human,
I am adept at observing people and standing in others’ shoes. Moreover , this major
motivated me to read psychology books and strengthen my leadership skills. I think this
degree can broaden my horizon and expand my professional field. Additionally , in my
following college days , I joined a range of children oriented volunteer activities to deepen
my comprehension on social work. When I helped them and changed them, I found my real
love and passion and I want to make some effort to solve the problem concerning children’
healthy growth. Last but not least, I love this field because the essence of this major is help
and change which matches well with my character since I always love help and share. And
your program Your program is recognized as one of the best programs for preparing clinical
social works. I learned from the school website that your program has a rich history of clinical
excellence for its innovative and pioneering work around poverty; children, youth, and families;
and mental health. I’d like to focus on children, youth and families among these fields based
on my personal experience to solve the problem concerning children’ healthy growth. I also
interested in your mission to educate professionals in a global perspective for social work
practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities and to help alleviate human
suffering, enhance the vitality and caring capacity of communities, and promote the ideals of
a humane and just world(cite from the school website, how to make that apa ?)
Discuss any change, combine with theories and code of ethics that I learned, to think
of something.
2. Describe an ethical dilemma that you have encountered in practice this year. Define
how it meets the criteria of ethical dilemma. Use the course readings and Code of Ethics
to analyze the situation and the action that you think/thought is/was most appropriate
and ethical in this situation.
Here are some conclusion from my work at the practice. I work in the high school and
the students are from 17-20, most are Chinese students, here is the ethical dilemma I have
in this year with one of my client, the client is a 18-year-old girl who has her name is DFJ
and she has willm’s tumor in her body and despite of her medical issue, she is very open,
willing to share things, outgoing talkative and wants to make friends. The typical dilemmas
related for this client (Many ethical dilemmas arise from a social worker’s relationship to a
Dual relationships (please read code of ethics and use citations): where the social worker
has an obligation to maintain an exclusively professional relationship with a client and where
either the client motivated to expand the relationship into personal areas. Since the girl is
new to our school and did not have many friends, so she felt a little lonely and she always
wants to share her everything including gossip with others or her personal judgement about
other students. she also called me “big sister “for the first two sessions and her mother told
me she considered me as her big sister. According to Kelly & Greene (2010), the “friend”
transference that can take place between the African female social worker and the female
client. Therefore, The social worker, a trusted confidant, is viewed as if she were a close
female friend like the close personal “sister-friend” that many African females do have. And
this cultural phenomenon also exists in Chinese culture. Both my client and I are Chinese.
On the one hand, sometimes this kind of perception can help the client feel a sense of
comfort in therapy, thus allowing a therapeutic alliance to develop. I am glad that she trusts
me and likes to share with me. Meanwhile, consider she her physical issue and she also
reminds me of my first-year internship’s experience at the hospital where I have many
contact with patients who have cancer, from my personal value, I also want to embrace her,
hug her from deep inside, want to show kindness, compassion to her. On the other hand, as
a professional social worker intern, clinicians should not have dual relationship with the
client based on the NASW code of ethics. Therefore, I told the client the professional
working relationship we have, and the boundaries we have to keep. I think the Chinese
female social worker needs to be aware of this relationship, as the professional focus of the
relationship can be minimized and the client may expect inappropriate mutual sharing and
disclosure to take place.
Receiving gifts (please read code of ethics and use citation) Clients may want to express
gratitude to the social worker with a gift, some of which are allowable and others which are
not, depending on the value and the client’s relation to the gift. She prepared a hand cream
for me after the spring break at school and she wants to express her thanx to me, however, I
can’t accept this because of the code of ethics, but from a cultural part, I understand that she
is expressing her thanks and kindness to me, I do not want to hurt her feelings since she
expressed several times that she really wants to give me something, I told her I can’t accept
the hand cream, if she really wants to give me sth, I suggest her to wrote a thank you note
for me, and she said yes.
References For question 1
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serve vulnerable populations. Advances in Social Work. 15(1), 1-20. please read and
use this citation
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References For question 2
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(Required Book) please look and use this citation
Kelly, J., & Greene, B. (2010). Diversity within African American, Female
Therapists: Variability in Clients’ Expectations and Assumptions about the
Therapist. American Psychological Association, 47(2), 186–197.
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please read and use
this citation
Reamer, F. G. (2014). The evolution of social work ethics: Bearing witness. Advances in Social
Work. 15(1), 163-181. doi: 10.1093/sw/43.6.488

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