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Please I need you to revise the assigment/essay from last week, as you can see below the grade is very low 48/100. reade below and let me know. thanks…Feedback for The Reflective Annotated Bibliography (RAB) Final DraftTop of FormI will evaluate your first citation/annotation in detail, so you can apply my comments to the rest of your RAB. These comments are foryou to use should you choose to revise your final draft ONE more time, on your own time, by the end of the semester.Oh Victor. This is not an RAB. I guess you didn’t read the INSTRUCTIONS. Do so when you revise this RAB. Also work with the EWCif you can to help structure your citations and make sure your sentences are correct. Here also is a guide I made to help.Note: “…” This is neither a scholarly nor peer reviewed publication and therefore is not acceptable for this course.I will grade this as much as I can right now. You can then revise your RAB between now and the end of the semester for a better grade.Here is how I graded your paper:5-6 sources are listed in alphabetical order by last name3Sources are scholarly and appropriate10Precis sections are thorough.20Vocabulary sections are thorough0Reflection sections are thorough0Quotable sections are thorough0Grammar and mechanics are accurate10APA format is used5Total48No assessments have been made yet.Score48 / 100 – 48 %Feedback DateMar 5, 2019 3:26 PMAssignmentThe Reflective Annotated Bibliography (RAB) Final DraftBottom of FormThe essay below is the one from last week, Please review and make corrections, as you can see the grade for this assignment is very low (48/100).Article ReactionArticle 1Frauds vulnerabilities and the global financial crisis “Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justices”. This is an article that was composed of three authors, Levi, Michael and Russell. The objective of this article was to explore cybercrime evidence and frauds that the financial sector is currently facing across the world. This Article is focused on examining if financial frauds are getting better or worsening and what are the key factors that contribute to the state we are now. The more the technology improves, threats to the financial system are rising, and organizations are at risk of experience a financial fraud.Article 2 “financial fraud and cybercrime’ by Monica Hovsepian is a reaction to article 1 whereby it says as the technology improves the financial sector faces more risks of fraud attacks. Monica Hovsepian goes ahead and explains that there are no shortages of techniques that can be used to address the cybercrime issues in the financial sector. By involving all the stakeholders such as law enforcement agencies and employing well-skilled cybersecurity professionals, it will be an easy task to seal the loopholes that these attackers use to get access to financial systems.According to the IMF, financial threads have increased over the past years based on the Global Financial Stability Report. However, the vulnerabilities are accumulating and becoming extraordinarily volatile and could be an obstacle to financial growth, especially online transactions. The article expresses some risks that investors are facing, and therefore they should not be reluctant because their services are exposed to significant risks that I think it will bring massive damage to their business. On this context, the authors are focused on the impact the cybercrime can cause in the financial sector, which can hinder global economic growth.From their findings, primary threats are; identity theft, which involves the use of personal information such as credit card details to make a purchase or borrow without the owner’s permission. Social engineering is a process of deceiving people to acquire their information illegally. Ransomware is the use of malicious software designed to gain access to a computer system and steal some information, money or cause denial of service. From these, findings I believe that the authors of these articles compressively covered issues, threats and vulnerabilities that face the financial sector.Article 2Article two, ‘Financial fraud and cyber’ by Monica Hovsepian points out how banks can stay ahead and safe based on financial threats. The author argues that despite the rate that financial frauds and crisis has reached, organizations can be able to prevent it from happening. The financial sector should be extremely vigilant for them to anticipate scams and prevent cyber-attacks from happening. I do support this article arguments because it expects every possible solution that organizations can use as an approach to counter cyber threats and other frauds.The author explains that over 47% of the financial services has experiences breaches due to vulnerabilities that were visible and open to attackers. It means that organizations are exposing themselves to some extent to these attacks, and therefore they should have an adequate response to any open vulnerabilities either in their network system and computer systems. Also, I do support her argument, and it is essential for these institutions to recognize the importance of cybersecurity and prioritize the needs that need to be addressed first. Timely responds are very important to address these issues.On second thought, I do support the hiring of qualified security professionals to guard organizations systems daily. Putting up more resources is the best preventive measure; otherwise, it is challenging to address the issue. The author criticizes organizations that if they are not able to address these issues, then the damages that are caused by cyber-attacks can be catastrophic and very expensive to recover. Therefore, her research is more of solving the problems and pinpointing some aspects that are caused by negligence.The critical audience of this research are the financial stakeholders, cybercrime professionals and the law enforcement agencies. The topic is very relevant in analyzing threads that cybercrime cause in the financial industry. One of the strengths is that the materials cover a comprehensive perspective of cybercrime and the risks that customers are exposed to in the current world. One weakness is that it has not focused on financial trends on how it, but it primarily focuses on how technology and cybercrime evolve.ReferencesLevi, Michael, and Russell G. Smith. “Fraud vulnerabilities and the global financial crisis.” Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice 422 (2011): 1.Monica Hovsepian. (2018, August 23). Financial fraud and cyber-crime: Can banks stay one step ahead? Retrieved from…

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