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Here is my Access to https://amu.apus.eduStudent ID: 5562183Password: Royals1964**Go to Lesson, Tab Week 1.Class: Research Design and MethodsImportant: ** I will Post Forums and Response to my class ok. Just send me in 12pt Microsoft Word Thank you**I will send Response Soon.Week 1 Forum QuestionIn a seamless posting, please incorporate the answer to the following questions into your initial postings:Discuss why knowledge of research methods is valuable as a consumer of research. As well as, discuss what it means to be a consumer of scholarly research, as opposed to conducting actual research? Student expectations for Forum questions: Your initial Forum posts require a minimum of a 500 word substantive response. All follow-up responses (minimum of 2) should require 250-300 words.A total of three posting is necessary to have completed the bare minimum amount of forum work each week.Original responses to the Forum group question need to be substantial and significant supported by at least one additional scholarly reference that goes beyond the readings. Students should be using the APUS Online Library to search for peer-reviewed journal articles that help support their argument. The in-text citation and references will be formatted in APA Style. Your original posting should be posted as a response to the Forum question. Please be sure to use your own words; meet the deliverable length; support your main post (in-text citations AND list of references); use paragraphs in your main post to organize your points and make it more reader-friendly; and post three time per week. Please avoid “i” … etc and be sure to start each new sentence with a capital letter. All original response will be posted no later than Thursday evening at 11:55 PM EST the week of the Forum question. This allows time for others to respond to your posting.Students will also be required to respond to at least two (2) other students posting with significant comments that demonstrate critical thinking by asking additional questions or adding to the body of knowledge started. If you argue, controversial issues use a reference to support your argument that adds credibility to your position. Your response to your peers work should be engaging and informative with good substance. Your responses should contribute in a meaningful way to helping advance our knowledge of the topics the class explores.There is help with proper APA Style formatting in the lessons and resource sections of the electronic classroom, which can be found on the menu bar on the course homepage. Your responses are due no later than Sunday at 11:55 PM EST. All postings should contribute and advance the class knowledge of the course themes. Students are encouraged to “get out of the comfort zones” when making their arguments. The reason behind this activity allows students to analyze work from many different perspectives allowing the critical thinking process to grow. If you always stay in your comfort zone, you are not accepting of new ideas and concepts. Feel free to explore your theories and test them on the battlefield of peer review. Just make sure to include a scholarly reference to help support your argument.See the rubric below. This is how your postings will be graded so make sure that you use the rubric to help guide your work.

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Responses to Question
Student 1
The knowledge of the research is just as valuable as the scholarly research found. Knowing what
is being researched opens up a whole new world of scholarly resources and allows the consumer
to find more and more information as they research their topic. In law enforcement, police
officers, detectives, and marshalls, they all follow scholarly research. Without the scholarly
research that has been found before, then the knowledge now cannot be obtained. Detectives, as
well as high ranking officials in the military, need to know where to find or use scholarly
research when it comes to solving crimes or planning missions. What it means to be a consumer
of scholarly research is that one is well versed in their topic, they know where to find the
information that they are looking for and they know how to use it and apply it to their task. When
it comes to conducting actual research, the information reliability is not as solid. Conducting
regular research is just looking up a topic in Google and using whatever is found. “It is important
to find out who is the author and what are the author’s qualifications or expertise, in order to
determine the credibility and reliability of the information you find on the website” (Yale, 2019).
Having an author or a database to refer to is key when it comes to certain topics such as laws,
cultural issues or rituals. If a researcher is not using a database and only doing actual research the
results will be less than satisfying. Web-based results will give out correct information some of
the time, however, when it comes to doing critical research, it needs to be facts that are peerreviewed. Information sources such as Wikipedia are databases that can be edited by anyone and
do not provide essential information needed in critical situations. For example, there is an event
to bring clean water to those in the Middle East, military mission planners need to be sure that
they do not impede in on any cultural boundaries and make sure they go at the right time of day,
they also need to be well-versed in the countries laws and regulations before they do anything
that could get them hurt or killed. All of this information that is found and provided on this topic
is found on a database that provides all the information for the event to go as planned with no
hiccups. To go into further on how important scholarly research is, it can make a difference
between life or death, and freedom and ending up in jail. Having scholarly research allows a
person to learn more, as well as becoming well-versed in their topic. In a Police Academy, the
recruits have to be fluent in the law, know the difference between right and wrong and be able to
justify themselves in any means necessary, they need to be able to reference their resources such
as law books and manuals.
All in all, being a consumer of scholarly research is essential when it comes to knowing one’s job
and how they operate.
The Web vs Library Databases – A comparison. (n.d.). Retrieved March 04, 2019,
Student 2
The term ‘research’ is given to the process of systematically finding information that was
previously unknown. (Walliman, 2010). This can be applied to an individual researching to gain
personal knowledge or to an academic or scientific level where new knowledge is sought. The
techniques used to conduct research are known as research methods. The knowledge of research
methods is power in any field. Being able to find information to support and counter what we
experience in this world is empowering. Research provides humanity with a greater
understanding of where we come form, where we are and where we are headed as a society.
Research can provide facts over opinions and separate truth from fiction. Curiosity drives
research. For a consumer of research it is valuable to have a solid knowledge base of research
methods. Being proficient in research methods increases time management ability and hones the
analytical skills needed to produce fact based answer or problem solution. Research may be
rudimentary or it may be complex. In either fashion research is done for the purpose of
developing a superior or broader understanding of a topic.
Being a part of the research community is not only to conduct research but also to consume the
research conducted by others and put it to use (Ellis, 2009). Becoming a better consumer of
research will benefit us all. Research is divided into two basic categories based off of intent. The
first category of research is based off the intent to learn. When researching to learn sources are
gathered that have already been established. The purpose is simply to gain a higher
understanding of a subject for personal information or growth. This is the common purpose
behind research in a classroom environment. Research to contribute is based in the creation of
something new. This is the area of research that is common in higher academic levels of
education where the purpose is to prove support, counter or add to a field of study, theory or
hypothesis. Research to contribute often results in the creation of new knowledge. In a simplified
notion, academic research is to learn where scientific research is to contribute.
To be a consumer of scholarly research means that the intent is to gain knowledge or ‘consume’
what someone else has created regarding a subject. As consumers of scholarly research college
students research topics to gain advanced knowledge through the works of someone who does
actual research. Being a consumer of scholarly research requires an understanding of research
value. Too often research is conducted with an agenda. Research will be conducted and put out
to support an idea or product. Having an understanding and knowledge of the methods of
research will aid in guarding against consuming and creating biases research. As opposed to
being a consumer of research, conducting research is based in creating knowledge that is new to
everyone. A new assertion should be based in research that has logical and empirical support
grounded in observation and experience (Maxfield, 2015). It is the consumer of scholarly
research that ultimately conducts research.
Ellis, L., Hartley, R. D., & Walsh, A. (2009). Research methods in criminal justice and
criminology: An interdisciplinary approach. Retrieved from
Maxfield, M. G. (2015). Basics of research methods for criminal justice and criminology.
Cengage Learning.
Walliman, N. (2010). Research methods: The basics. Retrieved from

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